Android Application Development Tutorial – 52 – Making MenuItems do something

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22 responses to “Android Application Development Tutorial – 52 – Making MenuItems do something”

  1. Veronica Gedela Avatar

    Great tutorial. Thank you so much

  2. Abdullah Feroz Avatar

    Thanks great tutorial.

  3. pokemon11128 Avatar

    the action bar theme must be selected when the project is made

  4. jackee utitus Avatar

    Sometimes this happens try changing the name and re-saving it.I like the convention of @+id/about_us

  5. jazzninja77 Avatar

    Yeah, you pronounced it right. A Boolean after George Boole. Great Tutorials mate 🙂

  6. Nguyen Ngoc Phuc Avatar

    i have Error: hardware Button not enable in AVD

  7. Apurva Patkeshwar Avatar

    Even i checked it out! 😀

  8. Charles Mallela Avatar

    That's more like what should be in the Top Comments 😛 … j/k, I agree with ya!

  9. DJ Diskmachine Avatar

    No, overriding Android API methods doesn't work like that. It was written as a public boolean, therefore must return a boolean value. No Idea why it was made like that tho, many of the methods in the API force a return value that doesn't seem to have any function.

    Feel free to recreate one of your own with a void return type! 🙂
    And have a great Christmas!

  10. Boss Avatar

    Can't we just change the boolean in "public boolean onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem item)" to void and we wouldnt have to return false?

  11. Link Avatar

    getting a error in my java file on "" and ""

    in my xml file i added a android id "@+id/aboutUs"

    it say that i need to add variable in file. i am not sure what to do

  12. Jorge Eduardo Lopez Avatar

    thank you for the post part! xD

  13. Wesley Spadaro Avatar

    In order for it to show up as an option under the drop menu you first have to save the changes in your xml file.

  14. questionman5 Avatar

    on the contrary, the likes and views can only go up 🙂

  15. Otto Zeimer Avatar

    if in your gen folder contains this method: "public static final class id", check if it has your ids there in the method.
    if it doesnt, just add any item into your xml file under the gui and save, then remove that extra item. profit.

  16. fenexj Avatar

    @DJohnnyKing Who cares man, this is a great series.

    You're being petty, for the most part.

  17. Kyle Gittens Avatar

    @SourceBoltMedia had the same problem make sure you have android:id="@+id/aboutUs" and android:id="@+id/preferences" if you forget the "+" it won't work

  18. Whitellama Avatar

    You know, posting first honestly doesn't hurt anyone. It's a relatively small comment, it's at the very bottom of the list, and there's no reason to beat on someone's ass because they get excited that they're the first to get to this video, and comment. They aren't doing any harm, but what I don't like is seeing someone complaining about the guy who wrote first, who has 7 likes, and is in the Top Comments.

  19. Rajma Chawal Avatar

    @Travis, You know Java, Android development etc good enough to teach people but you haven't heard anyone say boolean before? What!!??

    Great Tutorials though, Cheers.

  20. Stefan Schlör Avatar

    Return false to allow normal menu processing to proceed, true to consume it here.

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