Android Application Development Tutorial – 60 – Creating Custom Buttons

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34 responses to “Android Application Development Tutorial – 60 – Creating Custom Buttons”

  1. Shyaam Muthusamy Avatar

    Why are we changing the order inside the selector?Isn't the order is already correct?Or the selector operates in reverse order?

  2. Aanchal Patial Avatar

    when i create new xml file i dont get the window in which it is asked to choose type of resource

  3. AzureFan1 Avatar

    If I were to touch a button called category that shows a list of all possible categories in a drop down scroll bar, what would that be called?

  4. basel elbash Avatar

    if u can add an image to a 
    then whats the point of an
    <imgebutton…..?? +thenewboston 

  5. amol khedkar Avatar

    for those who are getting this error " failed to parse the xml file"

    try this

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <selector xmlns:android=""
        xmlns:app="" >

  6. Riad El abiad Avatar

    you're so funny dude!! ahah ! keep it up!

  7. jpined8 Avatar

    … and you are like: WHAT!? Are you kidding me? In the drawable folder!? Yes guys, Im serious, this is where magic is going to happen…
    You are the best Travis!

  8. Prince Soni Avatar

    Thumbs up all guyz who are making android apps in windows

  9. Hieu Nguyen Avatar

    what about the button with state focused ?

  10. thestickbot Avatar

    Hehe my smiley face buttons are so beauuutiful! <3

  11. KaptenFluffen Avatar

    Not sure if trolling

  12. predvcecerom Avatar

    wow didn't know someone suck more at graphics then me 😀 at least I know I'm not last now… thanks

  13. Christopher Vaughan Avatar

    oh and I dig your dry humor lol

  14. Christopher Vaughan Avatar

    Great vid man. Exactly what I was looking for. got my buttons done in less than ten minutes thanks to you! kudos! keep making vids!

  15. VenomXTV Avatar

    dude its drawlable.

  16. Sartheris Stormhammer Avatar

    yep, I am pretty sure Travis is wasted here 😀

  17. hdanijel Avatar

    Dude, you must be high or wasted with such slow talking xD

  18. MsPepijn Avatar

    use bluestacks

  19. Lucifer7cr Avatar

    amazing tutorials


    Thnx… Box… figred out long tme back..!!!

  21. Aditya Saxena Avatar

    the emulator takes a hell lot of tym to load

  22. Aditya Saxena Avatar

    lollz… u on windows> ?? its right there below the file option

  23. Skisful Avatar

    Why does order of items in custom.xml actualy matters?

  24. Jalsemgeest Avatar

    I actually LOL'd at 1:15!

  25. WillsoniteTonight Avatar

    You're a beautiful man!

  26. Jhaman Khatri Avatar

    you rocked dear,,, awesome dear 🙂


    Hey… Guys…!! Was just goin thru dis 60th 1. Dre is dis option in d video where we have to choose the root-element for the xml file !! Well, thing is there is no such option when I try to create my custom.xml file in the drawable folder !!!
    Help me ny1 find me this root-element thing..!!!!!

  28. DemoGamesHD Avatar

    Solved 😀 If someone got this problem check for a pictures name. It can only contain a-z _ .

  29. DemoGamesHD Avatar

    Now I have a really big problem in every src lines where I used R I get that error
    R cannot be resolved to a variable
    What happened 🙁

  30. mr me 2018 Avatar

    Travis is awesome

  31. Kiem Nguyen Avatar

    lol Travis, you're so funny. Your voice was so serious when you mentioned about your "Photoshop" class 😀

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