Android Application Development Tutorial – 62 – Custom Animation Class

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23 responses to “Android Application Development Tutorial – 62 – Custom Animation Class”

  1. Bodyskillz2011 Avatar

    im having some problems with the last videos the landscape and selecting the custom button in emulator is not working but who cares im going till the last video

  2. Reuben John Avatar

    I missed the setContentView(ourView); and I only suffered the consequences 2 tutorials later and it took me an hour of researching till I found the CULPRIT! 😉

  3. Death Cry Avatar

    Your first video – 117000 views,
    this one – only 35800 views
    Here we can see who is real programmer and who is not.

  4. Chris Cohen Avatar

    Why making changingY a float when it never represents a floating point number? It starts at 0 and increments by 10 each time. It works fine with int. I just tested it.

  5. Varttino Avatar

    that was quick

  6. Gazudin Avatar

    It's only getting to the good parts now!

  7. jazzninja77 Avatar

    Using the activity wizard is much quicker when setting up activities
    New > Other… > Android > Android Activity
    This creates the activity with onCreate, the xml layout file and adds it to the manifest as well 🙂

  8. Faraaz Nadeem Avatar

    I just came back to these tutorials after 2 months because I was busy… I forgot almost everything :'(
    It's going to take a while to "get back in shape" again…

  9. Andrius Daraškevičius Avatar

    I'm still here and going till the very end

  10. albert275 Avatar

    My god, people dropped out like flies…

  11. VenomXTV Avatar

    omg only 18 comments? NO! CRY

  12. jonathan Lopez Avatar

    Its called object oriented programming really useful with big applications

  13. Adrian Gordon Avatar

    Why are you using objects before you create them. Why not do it the other way around

  14. Nickolas O'Neal Avatar

    I only added a comment because this is the video that had the least comments so far… 🙂

  15. Abubaker Mahmoud Avatar

    with all my respect travis r u enjoing making these tutorials such long ones? cos this is itchy.

  16. Kushal Jaligama Avatar

    In its entirety… for the most part. Conflicting phrases lol!

  17. reemprive Avatar

    Funny, at 0:34 it sounded like your actually from Australia for a second. Thank you Travis, love these tutorials.

  18. st-tches Avatar

    You… are… GOOOOD!

  19. Robert Dunn Avatar

    It is at this point that I would definitely recommend having prior programming knowledge. Classes isn't something we learned until the end of the first semester freshman year. Now we're getting into some real coding! I'm ecstatic.

  20. Herp Derpingson Avatar

    FTMP you have stopped saying FTMP! PROUD OF YOU! ^o^

  21. Rahul Avatar

    Ctrl+space also usefull for creating method

  22. Ervinne Sodusta Avatar

    travis and bucky..
    ur the best… ^^

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