Android Application Development Tutorial – 73 – Graphics Trick

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11 responses to “Android Application Development Tutorial – 73 – Graphics Trick”

  1. Subodh Pradhan Avatar

    Thanks aloooot…. Really appreciate your work helping to learn Android app development. Really got lots of stuff to learn from you. It was kind of creepy to search platform to learn from base, but you really made me happy clicking on your tutorial. It;s worth it to watch all your tutorial.
    Thanks alooot…..:)

  2. Nevindu Batagoda Avatar

    use the genymotion emulator it's very fast
    or if u are using android virtual device manager :-
    Use host GPU
    and use intel atom(x86) as CPU/ABI

  3. KaptenFluffen Avatar

    I think I'll never forget his name, because he says it every tutorial xD

  4. Mehmet Emre Kutluca Avatar

    my emulator is so slow. is there anything can i do it to make it fast?

  5. Sachith Vempati Avatar

    Sir, Please upload the code for this…!

  6. Tomer Goral Avatar

    Can I be proud that I did it alone?

  7. Berichtsheft Generator Avatar

    i remember him mentioning it, but i forgot the name… what was it again?

  8. Battlefield3Vault Avatar

    So is 3D Game Design, coded in OpenGL?

  9. ddzproduction Avatar

    Which explaines to why the ball moves with the cursor if return false. If you don't understand anything, dont panic it, keep moving on. Finish all the tutorials and I'm sure you'll get to know all this stuff then buy some android java gaming books to build simple games and examples of games that are already built and take a look at them while they are teaching you it at the book… Travis gave the name of a good book in his couple previous tutorials so might wanna check that one out, I know I am

  10. ddzproduction Avatar

    You need to set return true to let the onTouch repeat itself otherwise the only way it will be repeated is if you touch the screen again which recalls the onTouch method and goes over the events again and recalls the x and y coordinates.

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