Android Development for Beginners 14

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In this video I completely finish the Android weather app. I show how to make App Inventor wait for an operation to complete before proceeding. We also will allow the user to pull up latitude and longitude data when they enter their city and state. We use that data to pull current weather data. We teach are app to speak the weather to us. We look at many ways to manipulate text.






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  1. Jeremy Knight Avatar

    I found out that you can put in street addresses and google maps will find them. The problem is if you put in an address, the geo location becomes Item one in the JSON data "Geometry" array.

    Also, It doesn't matter if you use commas or not. However, you MUST add a replace block to the textbox string to replace spaces with %20 in case the user puts spaces in their city input. Otherwise google maps doesn't seem to like it.

  2. Gaurav Dotiya Avatar

    i am getting an error can you help me out sir
    this is the error
    Error from Companion: java.lang.RuntimeException: invalid syntax in eval form:<string>:2:1481: call to 'set-and-coerce-property!' has too few arguments (3; must be 4)

  3. Ammar Yasser Avatar

    does it work with any city around the world?

  4. Trevor Hall Avatar

    How do I make the parentheses not show in the app?

  5. Sahara Canal Avatar

    Hi Derek, thanks for all your videos, I watched pretty much all of them just to get a complete picture of what AI2 can do. Also I started building. And I would like to ask a question, I did not find an answer to in the tutorials. I have an app that uses a fusion table with 7 columns. I want people to be able to search the table based on the text in column 1 and 2. These two can be listpicked and are the search criteria. Now How do I compose the condition for the .GetRowsWithConditions Block? I understand for 1 search term, but with two it is not easy to figure out..I am sure you know wich blocks I need to put on the Join block, I hope you have time to help out…Thanks

  6. Atheer Al Attar Avatar

    +Derek Banas  I am getting an alert of (Bad argument to select list item) with a loong list of the same JSON data that we are pulling and a button of END APPLICATION. Is that due to different city while I am in the Middle East?

  7. Sone Yang Avatar

    why my app cannot update the data,is it because I am not in USA area??

  8. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    please help me with a runaway script that is making my weather app to fail. i think it will continue to work, but this script will prevent me from making future changes (see my comment to myself). thank you.

  9. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    I tried doing your code blocks exactly like you had them in your tutorial and the code blocks on your other site, but that routine where you replace a space with a %20 doesnt work for me. I even tested out what gets placed in the url when it is put together by placing it into a label and the space is still there. that is why the app fails because because the json doesnt know what the space is! how do i put a space in that replace text segment?

  10. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    i tried my very best but i cant get the space to work for putting in the %20 in multi name city. i saw your code block and mine looks the same, so why is it that when i test out what i actuallly put in the url to be parsed, it doesnt contain the %20?

  11. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    in this video you said app inventor is being pushed to the limit. i don't know if it is my computer or the connection or app inventor but when you select something like a variable and pull it the code area it doesnt show up. then i notice errors. when iook for what the error is, i see that the variable got put somewhere way below. then sometimes i cant rename the variable. i have to restart my computer and then evertything works well, except for the part that a script is trying to run which i have no clue which one. looks like app inventor is already pushed beyond the limit for me. any suggestions what i can do? do you think i should do a hard reset?

  12. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    i manged to put an if/else testing for the value of isitnight in indexes of the list. i didnt think it would work but it did. the hard part was making the three icon placing functions to work. i had a complicated set of if/elses to utilize every possible weather pattern, even a clear night. and i test for whether it is night based on sys time passing sun set time. if you would like to look at my code and give me suggestins how to modularize it, i would be very greatful. thank you for inspiring me and making me love to program apps! essentially i managed to find all the solutions to my questions witin one day.

  13. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    is there a way to do a "do while" or "for each" with just one dummy label in order to set all the label.color

  14. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    i just figured out out why i dont get the word night in the current weather forecast: i need to upgrade from the free plan to the paid one, then i will get hourly one day forecast and 10 days of forecast. and much more. if i upgrade to the most expensive plan i will also get yesterdays weather summary, which will be useful to set the icons when it is still night but the next day (like 3 or 4 am). this of course will be an upgrade to the app. but in order for me to do any of these, i dont have the money per month to test these out. so i have to see if can my plan work out.

  15. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    is it possible to merge two apps together? for insance to copy blocks over from my sunrisesunset app to the weatherapp, as i dont want to create everything from scratch

  16. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    actually my last question is can you do an if else attached to an index in the list of lists

  17. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    ok after an hour of working i figured out how to get sunrise, sunset and system time from the astronomy part of my wunderground api.
    i put the values of sunset, sunrise, and systemtime into variables in the format of hour.minutes using a join…
    then put those values into the proper labels.
    then check the values using a string compare (or maybe a math compare is better because it has >=)
    so if currenttime is >= sunset, i set my isitNight variable to true. else, false

    i had to do this because my current weather report, as i already explained how wunderground works, is always the day you are in whether it is daytime or nighttime. so i guess i solved the problem on my own. i hope you are proud of me. you are a great teacher that inspired me not to give up looking for simple solutions.

  18. Jesse Gao Avatar

    What a beautiful and awesome series of tutorials Derek! Really enjoy the way you teach , and I really learned many from your tutorials, so I think I'm gonna stick with you at least for some time. Thank you Derek!

  19. Dhyan Soni Avatar

    Hey, I'm a beginner programmer and wish to start from the bottom. This is so that I can learn Java eventually and make Android Apps. So, which programming language do you suggest I learn first. My plan was


  20. Andrew Elbaneh Avatar

    Are you going to be doing android game tuts??

  21. IDir Aj Avatar

    Would you be kind and "remake" the HTML Tutorial ? That 15 minutes one was ….. ermm …. too fast and too pro, a step-by-step tutorial would be so awesome, especially from you 😀

  22. Bit byBit Avatar

    “We make a living by what we get BUT  We make a life by what we give.” 
    ― Winston Churchill

    Dear Coach ,  we are literally making a living by what we get from tutorials…..

  23. TobiasKr Avatar

    Hello Derek,
    A long time ago I was following your "Android Development Tutorial"-playlist, however, due to being busy, I had to put it down for a while. Now, returning to your channel I can see that you have started this series aswell… While keeping it on a general level, how would you describe the two former mentioned series compared to each other? Trying to decide, whether my time is best put into continueing or picking up this new playlist.

  24. Eud briel Avatar

    Hey Derek there's some way to take out that little gray layout above the apps created on MIT App Inventor ?

  25. MrSmashyourWindow Avatar

    Also, do you still have the eclipse project "Java Code" from your Java Programming Tutorials? If so can you send me a download? Thanks for reading.

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