Android Development for Beginners 17

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In this part of my App Inventor tutorial, I will provide an App Inventor TinyWebDB Example. This one should be fun. We’ll be making a chat application that I call IncognitoEx. It will allow you to chat with anyone who also has the app. I have the APK on my site if you want to try it out.

It allows you to send and receive messages. You can even make your own TinyWebDB web service.


26 responses to “Android Development for Beginners 17”

  1. Romy Kim Avatar

    I was expecting to see many inputs by others following this tutorial under same tag, but didn't see any. Does the site filter it further than by tag only ?

  2. sanket kushwaha Avatar

    Sir , i have learned many thing in 3 days which i was trying to learn from 2 months in android sdk.

  3. Vaiditya Chauhan Avatar

    can 2 or more devices can share the database,i.e. can 2 or more device can communicate through this application….???????

  4. Mayank Parekh Avatar

    Thank you, I liked it.

  5. Thokozani Lungisani Avatar

    Please help with following error. The operation <= cannot accept the arguments: empty-string (themba :hey you themba :hey babes )
    Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

  6. Sone Yang Avatar

    I don't really understand how to set up a tinywebdb,can you show me how to set up? +Derek Banas 

  7. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    in tinywebdb is dont understand why you need the line:
    set messagelist to get valuefromwebdb. what does it accomplish?

    also, is there a way to scroll the label? once a certain amount of text lines are in there, it doesnt scroll.
    also, i found that the line getdatafromweb in the sendmessagebutton works better after the tinywebdb storevalue is called. this way, you can see what was entered right away.

  8. alexander shekhtman Avatar

    the clear button isnt in your design picture

  9. Adam Purser Avatar

    Why in the name of christ are you using flow?

  10. shutao xu Avatar

    Hi, Derek, I was working on this secret chat app and realise that when there were too messages, the message label didn't have sufficient space. May I know it there a way to create a scrollable label on app inventor? Thanks a lot

  11. shutao xu Avatar

    Yes! Thanks for such a cool app!

  12. Jesse Gao Avatar

    Hey Derek! I ran into this problem that I did exactly the same code as yours and whenever I use the Message App, the data doesn't upload to the webDB, do I have to set up anything specific to use webDB in advance(Certainly I've dragged the webDB component to the Designer:) )? Thank you!

  13. Herp Derpingson Avatar

    1) Why dont we refresh the messages label after pressing the "Send Message" button? It removes the hassle of pressing another button.
    2) We should do some plaintext checking in the input fields. If someone enters the username or the text message, "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb", it would delete the last line or so. 

  14. Piezipx Avatar

    How could I use this tinyWebDB patch to retrieve, lets say, weather data from a weather website? As the weather data doesn't have any known "tags"

  15. Yusuf Matcheswala Avatar

    Hi Derek, I'm designing an app where several people will share some common info. Some of these people don't have android devices and for them I am planning on setting up a webpage to enter the information. would tinywebdb service be a good solution to access via these two media?

  16. Andrew Elbaneh Avatar

    are you going to be doing any android gaming tutorials?

  17. Bor Novakovic Avatar

    Hello Derek, great tutorial. I was wondering if you are going to continue your Android Devleopment tutorial and maybe cover everything in the google training tutorial like ActionBars and etc. Love your videos they are really easy to understand

  18. Michael Law Avatar

    Your tutorials are great! You have a really fun sounding voice that's not boring. I have couple of questions. I am trying to be an app developer and I already have some really good ideas. I have no formal education in programming but I have been reading a java book that I am 1/6 of the way through (it's 600 pages)
    I have also been following your java tutorials and have a lot of them saved to my hard drive. What tutorials (and how many) do I have to watch of yours before I can be proficient in this and be able to finally develop good looking apps for Android?

  19. Ruben Sousa Avatar

    Hi. I'm trying to connect my android application to a online server, i've been researching but i can't find a good explanation. Do you have any video that teaches how to do that?

  20. Basel Serio Avatar

    I've been watching these awesome tutorials since the beginning, and i wanted to say thanks a lot Derek, i really am making a progress. I have been trying to think and build a calculator for few days but still struggling, i don't want to request a tutorial for that, but can you briefly explain the logic of a calculator built on app inventor 2 in a comment bellow? The calculator  where you enter values in a two different Text boxes and call a procedure is simple, i am trying to understand how to implement a calculator that users enter values using 10  numbered buttons and have the option of choosing an operation.  Thanks again 🙂

  21. Dipendu Shukla Avatar

    You are just Awesome Man !!!

  22. 75plu Avatar

    Hey Derek, just out of curiosity, how many programming languages do you know? 

  23. LosEagle Avatar

    Thanks a ton for yet another interesting tutorial. Even though I prefer code, this series is indeed awesome. I was wondering how close is the game dev series though. I know you probably still have a lot of stuff to show in these beginner series and I'm not trying to rush anything I'm just really excited for some quality game dev series. :).

  24. Bit byBit Avatar

    Hello Coach,
    Will JNDI / Datasource entries be covered in the future , just curious.
    Its a definitive Achille's heel for me. 
    Thanks for all you do.

  25. Patrick 'Honest Blogger' Allen Main Channel Avatar

    wow..something that powerfull under 20 minutes…(without audience it would be 10 I guess 😉 ) AWESOME….this will be usefull… this covert? or not because your basicly using the MIT server.

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