Android Development for Beginners 23

Get the Blocks Here :

In this part of my App Inventor video tutorial I make a App Inventor canvas game. The game is a simple paddle ball game.

You’ll learn about image sprites, how App Inventor animation works and all the cool built in features included with AI. With Image Sprite, Ball and Canvas you can make some pretty nice games. I keep everything simple so that it is easy to understand.






21 responses to “Android Development for Beginners 23”

  1. chris bomboy Avatar

    i cant get the button to sit next to the label 2. it keeps moving under it

  2. sanket kushwaha Avatar

    Sir can i put adds on my app by using appInventor

  3. aro p Avatar

    dereeeeeeeeeeeeeek, deeeereeeeek, did you ever teach how to use the clock in appinventor? man idk, maybe its something i missed

  4. Harshal Solanki Avatar

    ball is not moving when the screen is initialized !
    the paddle moves perfectly but ball is nt moving at all
    hw do i fix this ?

  5. Kevin Shrum Avatar

    Do you have a video on working with multiple sprites and calling them generic procedures?

  6. Angelina Jolie Avatar

    Hi Derek ! You say that -1 means the ball has hit the bottom of the screen but when it hits the paddle bounce from the edge = -1 Saying that it goes to the opposite side.what does -1 mean? When the ball hits the bottom of the screen or goes the opposite direction?
    Thanks In Advance !

  7. BaconEatsHawk Avatar

    I have no experience with java nore programing, i do not want to start with app inventor, i want to directly start from your other android app development tutorial, is that ok?
    what do you suggest.

  8. Samir Lakhani Avatar

    You're awesome Derek!! Love all these tutorials and I've learned so much

  9. Sifat Oshan Avatar

    Thank you Derek for this wonderful tutorial….can make a tutorial over Fragment…..??

  10. Apichart Kit Avatar

    Hi Derek!  Could you tell me how can I access to the part 22 of this series?  Is there something wrong?!   I had watched part 21 and then 23, but not for part 22 !?!?!  Thank you very for any help you can provide.   All the best.

  11. mert kes Avatar

    hi derek… can you help me to take different to dates

  12. Much Online Avatar

    Please please show us how to add mobile ads on app inventor. THANK YOU

  13. Subindev Vasudevan Avatar

    Derek , you are awesome man.. keep going…

  14. H0b0Gamers Avatar

    Hello do you have any Dynamic Field Android videos? For example having a button and a text field in one intent then on the next intent have (X) many fields created? Or also any REST tutorials with android? Much Thanks!

  15. maisoon al-guran Avatar

    how can we assign a screen to be our opening screen?? 

  16. Saurabh Patni Avatar

    Eagerly waiting for the next tutorial, where most importantly as you said you will cover how to take AI app to Java programming, please can you keep it as simple as possible (as is the case with all your videos) so that a novice like me can understand it.
    Thanks again Man.

  17. Saurabh Patni Avatar

    Thank you Derek for another fantastic video, just completed it and its working perfectly fine, except when I click the Start button my ball appears then disapprear, will check out my code. Thanks again.

  18. Nour Avatar

    Sir, when are you going to resume the C tutorial??

  19. Damodhar Macherla Avatar

    Thank you Derek, eagerly waiting for your next tutorial

  20. Allen Law Avatar

    I liked how it showed the thought process of making a game but I can't get over my negative bias about Appinventor. How to explain my bias… It's like writing a book by copy/pasting sentences from other books without really understanding the structure and how the sentences work together.

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