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Welcome to part 4 of my Android Development Tutorial. In the last part, I showed you how to put together an Android User Interface. This time I will add to that app in a big way!

Over the course of this tutorial and the next I will cover RadioButtons, RadioGroups, CheckBoxes, DropDows (Spinners), Buttons, Chronometers, ChangeListeners, ItemSelectedListeners, onClickListeners and much more.






29 responses to “Android Development Tutorial 4”

  1. clinton dsilva Avatar

    why have you used int array[] in the could you give a brief idea.

  2. Eddy Q Avatar

    What IDE are you using?

  3. Eddy Q Avatar

    I'm using Android Studio. Is there a graphical layout with that? If so where is it?

  4. PhoneTrax Avatar

    Hey.. I want to make an application which lets u use all documents(docx) like opening or making.. If you can help?

  5. Dre eam Avatar

    Thank you for going over so many objects in making an app. My buddy is always over tipping the staff wherever he goes so this is right up my Alley for what i'd like to make to help me learn app Programming.

    (Over tipping i mean if the meal cost 10, he tips 5+, 20, he tips 10)

  6. Hasnain Ahmed Avatar

    you going very fast cant get it! :/ 🙁

  7. Mohammed Hashim Avatar

    actually I want to be an android developer..and I think your tutorial will help me to achieve that…..Thanks

  8. Anne L Avatar

    Thanks so much for this tutorial !!!!!

  9. Jaikrat Singh Tariyal Avatar

    Hey Derek, I am not able to align my elements by dragging them up/down or left/right. Any idea, why so?

  10. Mohamed A Avatar

    Amazing job. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much for this tutorial.

  11. Mohammad Rajaul Islam Avatar


  12. osahady Avatar

    I feel happy when i see people enthusiastic sharing their knowledge. Many thanks indeed. Keep this ongoing, do not stop your materials are just amazing

  13. Fairul Mohd Avatar

    Thanks… Your tutorials do help for new programmers like me…Kudos…

  14. Savandy Avatar

    Great tutorials! I never thought I would find any great and not boring tutorials on youtube. You must keep doing it, because you are the samurai!

    Can you help me on this one?
    The project runs on virtual device, but not on my phone (note3)

    03-06 03:02:09.584  17181-17181/com.andicu.crazytipcalc E/AndroidRuntime﹕ FATAL EXCEPTION: main
        Process: com.andicu.crazytipcalc, PID: 17181
        java.lang.NumberFormatException: Invalid double: "0,00"

  15. kam hagh Avatar

    creating each of these checkboxed (giving name etc) and again in .java files feels like drowning for me 😐 i go crazy 😀

  16. Yuhua Eva Chen Avatar

    Hi, thank you so much for this tutorial. It is EXTREMELY helpful. Just a bug in the program,    
    private void setTipFromWaitressChecklist(){
            int checklistTotal = (int)(tipAmount*100);
            for (int item: checklistValues){
                checklistTotal += item;

    You should set checklistTotal to the original tipAmount, so that it can subtrate or add to the original tipAmount. 

  17. Shubham Aggarwal Avatar

    I really think that you should first show the application for a minute or two you are going to make in next few videos. It is sometimes difficult to follow you and much of the work can be done just by looking at the work flow of the application. Like CrazyTipCalc you made, the GUI and its working should be shown first and then you can start making it. It also helps to keep in mind the goal we are stepping towards.

  18. Yassine Zrhadi Avatar

    (textView) "God bless you "

  19. Agent J Avatar

    You are amazing! I can't express my appreciation enough. Your videos make coding easy to learn and are a lot of fun. Great content. Keep it up!

    P.S. you sound like Kenny Powers from East Bound and Down

  20. Mangesh Avatar

    I'm grateful for the tutorials. Thank you for breaking them into small parts. It makes it easier to learn.

  21. Luis Martinez Avatar

    I think it's a Little hard to get along because you cover a lot of things, but the whole thing ITS AMAZING. THE BEST I FOUND ON YOUTUBE

  22. Jasin Colegrove Avatar

    Derek, after watching a lot of your tutorials, not just the android ones. I notice that you seem to know about different kind of listeners and things that I never knew existed. I always hear you saying, don't worry about memorizing  everything here which makes sense. 

    But how do you go about easily finding things like change events for different widgets? Or how do you get that auto-complete box thing in eclipse to pop back up without deleting everything including the (.) and starting over. 

    and no I haven't watched all your videos, there isn't enough time in a day so is there some video I should be watching?

  23. Arash K70 Avatar

    Mr Banas;
    Why don't you use 
    import android.widget.*; ??????????

    wouldn't that be easier ?
    is there any reason you'd call every classes from android.widget library individually ? 


  24. Jens Fuhrmann Avatar

    Great tutorial, thanks for your effort!

  25. Phil3992 Avatar

    Why is it best to make the strings for labeling the various parts when through the gui builder each part can be named within the options? is it simply for re-usability? 

  26. Aishwary Tandon Avatar

    hi derek .can you please explain whats the role of addChangeListener() and onClickListener() in this code?

  27. Ankur Mishra Avatar

    hi ,
    I am facing a problem.
    Suppose I pass a number n from on activity and recieve in another. Now in second activity, I want to create n editviews. How to do this ?

  28. mindlessripoff22 Avatar

    Thank you Based Derek. You are part of a select class of genuinely good people in this world. I can't express how grateful I am to be able to learn from you!

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