Angular 2 for Beginners – Tutorial 2 – Overview and Core Concepts

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20 responses to “Angular 2 for Beginners – Tutorial 2 – Overview and Core Concepts”

  1. Dzenis Hankusic Avatar

    +thenewboston God Damnit Bucky, I love you for this videos!!!

  2. John Smith Avatar

    How web dev has changed, used to be be you could create a html file and a js file and your good to go, now you need loaders, transpilers and 50 different config files.

  3. ahmed yousef Avatar

    Thank you = شكرا

  4. r jim Avatar

    great tutorial!

  5. Maxi R. Avatar

    I dont understand if i really need A2, i know java EE, i use Jquery for UI, ajax, and all benefits from Java ee back end. WHat i understood is that you code your business logic into the client`s web browser ??

  6. Benito Camelas Avatar

    i dont see the benefits of learning typescript i already know how does javascript works why the heek should i use typescript

  7. CardinalHijack Avatar

    Very nice video that you went through all of the files. However for me It would have been nice if you could have gone through each parts installation and why it has been installed. There seems to be a vast number of packages included in this very simple webpage and I dont know if I could simplify this entire thing by removing 90% of the extra features. I dont even know what packages have been installed and why. This leaves me in a position where I have the framework to build an angular website and know where to begin writing my code, but dont know what any of the components are and why/if they are needed in other angular projects. Do i need to set up angular2 projects in this exact way every time? Are there any parts that I can remove? How can I set up an angular2 webpage using the absolute bare minimum?

  8. nimrod Avatar

    Can't see the ts folder with the .map files? Help?

  9. James Taylor Avatar

    What IDE is he using? Please don't say Darude – Sandstorm

  10. Michelle Thomson Avatar

    Video faulty, plays up to a point but then doesn't finish

  11. Lucas Silva Avatar

    what's the point of using "typescript" if the browser will only understand javascript anyway… isn't it redundant?

  12. Bohdan Oshovskyi Avatar

    Nice video, thanks, solved my problem with 'outDir' config.

  13. Mohamed Daho Avatar

    Perfect, your videos are very clear
    Thank you

  14. Vasilis Kar Avatar

    When i'm running npm install, a tone of packages is being downloaded (100mb files and about 50 folders). Is that even normal?

  15. abdul mobeen Avatar

    Its not good That Google Totally changed the way Angular was in its last version…..:(

  16. Nikhil Deswal Avatar

    datastructure and algorithm (using C++)

  17. Aj Holmes Avatar

    Anybody need an intern?

  18. Ricardo León Avatar

    Typescript is a superset of JavaScript. Which means regular JavaScript is valid within Typescript. It is not a 'different version of JavaScript' ffs

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