Angular 2 for Beginners – Tutorial 3 – Components

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15 responses to “Angular 2 for Beginners – Tutorial 3 – Components”

  1. Koude Kroket Avatar

    they do seem to make it as confusing as possible xD

  2. ahmed yousef Avatar

    Thank you = شكرا

  3. Ghedeer Ibrahim Avatar

    my god, i have been watching lynda tutorials on angular 2 and it is sooo much harder to understand. i wish i had looked into youtube first. You are speaking my language lol. thank You SO MUCH

  4. Meriki Solomon Avatar

    Hi bucky you are the best teacher in all youtube tutorials I have ever come across on the internet keep up men you are the best more grace bucky

  5. jnaxtea Avatar

    boom! roasted lmao

  6. RighteousMGTOW Avatar

    You explain things very well, nice and simple.

  7. Boris Söderlind Avatar

    Thanks a lot for these videos Bucky! I really like that you explain what all the different parts are doing. It is very easy to follow and to understand, and at the same time the tempo is not too slow. You help me out a lot!

  8. Okoh Emmanuel Avatar

    Thanks Bucky for the nice tutorial. I have some problems with the changes not reflecting on the browser. When I make changes in app.component.ts, it still displays the old text. I have tried different browsers and also disabled cache but the problem is not solved. Please does anyone know what the issue is?


  9. joehuangathome Avatar

    Plain and straight! Very clearly explained. I love your tutorial!

  10. Julius Kingsley Avatar

    if you compare the tutorial crap from Udemy about Angular 2 to this. This one is much easier to understand. thanks bucky.

  11. KongSimonz1 Avatar

    @thenewboston! Yo buddy boy. Can you make a tutorial on a larger application? Maybe take node and angular2 and make like a blog/news-application?

  12. Supreme Avatar

    my website will not connect

  13. DaCurse0 Avatar

    אני אןהב קקי

  14. Luiz Felipe F M Costa Avatar

    Thanks, man. You are helping me a lot!

  15. MrInexistent Avatar

    @thenewboston Bucky can you do a video about, how can we authenticate users with django rest framework and angular 2. Since lately you did django tutorial, I think it would be related to the subject.

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