Angular 2 for Beginners – Tutorial 4 – SystemJS and main.ts

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8 responses to “Angular 2 for Beginners – Tutorial 4 – SystemJS and main.ts”

  1. Kushal Grvr Avatar

    One thing I would like to point out is that This bootstrapping technique was in beta version of angular 2. Bootstrapping technique got changed in the final release.

  2. Jeffrey Fuller Avatar

    Thanks for taking the Time of day to do these for US/Me. APpreciate it..1.4million subscribers is beyond Verified lmao. This is my 1st time, and referred by Eli the computer guy. Both you kick ass.

  3. John Smith Avatar

    dat feel when you study angular 1 in your university for a whole semester and then dude who gives you exam watches these videos and gives you angular 2 for exam.

  4. Ashish Patel Avatar

    found this very useful. thanks

  5. P Pow Avatar

    Why do we import main.js inside html, while doing other imports inside component.ts or main.ts? would it make more sense to do all your imports inside a single file?

  6. The3Emran Avatar

    Thanks a lot, especially for explaining that sneaky current path.
    However can you create another tutorial explaining the systemjs more in depth?
    The system.config.js file on quick start looks really different than yours. Also I did not understand what is that "format" for in the script

  7. Papillon Avatar

    not really usefull

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