Apple Pencil VS Normal Pencil – An Artist’s Review

So I’ve had the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for a few months now. Have my opinions changed?

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47 responses to “Apple Pencil VS Normal Pencil – An Artist’s Review”

  1. Will Paterson Avatar

    Let me know your thoughts down below! 😀

  2. Navegantes inc! Avatar

    omg i think im buying it

  3. David Van Horn Avatar

    For a guy like this, I feel like doing his work on normal pencil/paper is Lance Armstrong, but using the ipad pro/apple pencil is Lance Armstrong with doping!

  4. Jasmine Liu Avatar

    I have enough for one….but it's for the ipad pro. That I DON"T have enough for.

  5. Storm Plays Avatar

    I would recommend Graphite Pencil

  6. Lydia Fritzi Avatar

    I also recently bought an ipad pro and pen. I really like it but I would love to see your usual workflow when you work on it. I struggle a bit to adapt to the new workflow. Love your videos – and your accent 🙂 regards from Austria

  7. KabutoRyu Avatar

    Glad it does not use a diamond as a tip of the pen

  8. Luc Barlow Marshall Avatar

    What do you think the best drawing software is ( your opinion )

  9. mercytoday Avatar

    Why is Chris Pratt doing an Ipad review?

  10. Stumptiscool 007 Avatar

    Instead of paying 100 dollars for a stylus, buy the intuos draw for 70 bucks if you want it for art

  11. Kincaid DeBell Avatar

    Great video! Very helpful and I appreciate the suggestions.

  12. The ABC Jug Band Avatar

    One of my favourite verses of scripture

  13. Penzy_ 39 Avatar

    Is the apple pencil good for secondary school art activitys on the ipad?

  14. wiihack1 Avatar

    Ayyye, Philippians 1:6 😀

  15. The Legendary Stick Avatar

    lmao me and my friend are so broke we visit mac stores just to use the ipads to practice digital painting

  16. Pexi Rex Avatar

    As somebody who draws on a PC very often, it is definetly the Cintiq for me. The surface is bigger and the programs for PC have more features. But I guess that you just have to choose what works best for you 🙂

  17. Joey Avatar

    song ? ( memes aside )

  18. Sarah Gerlach Avatar

    Where did you get the matte screen protector?

  19. Aloysius De Souza Avatar

    I have the IPad Pro with 258 gigs. It is the greatest toy I acquired from my Daughter and a Wife in my Retirement.

  20. Brynne Rose Avatar

    I'm 12 and I bought an apple pen and iPad pro in march. Thank you for all this insight

  21. No Coronation Avatar

    Dude, watching you do type is so pleasing. Excellent review!

  22. Audrey オオドリイ Avatar

    What size is the iPad that you are using?

  23. Silver Key Avatar

    Hi, cool review! I'm thinking about getting an Apple pencil but I'm wondering if the drawing can look realistic when printed on actual paper or will it inevitably look like digital art?

  24. Curt Tresenriter Avatar

    Searched all over your site but I do not find the Procreate brushes you mention.

  25. Elliot Woo Avatar

    What I'm feeling about the Apple Pro: Jealousy

  26. Achive Live Avatar

    does the apple pencil work in any ipad

  27. Aram Kapoudjian Avatar

    you look like fukin gay.

  28. Dlol. Avatar


    I want an iPad Pro, procreate, and Apple Pencil
    I know that I would not use procreate or the Apple Pencil that much though


  29. Sam Clouston Avatar

    thats not how you spell styling…

  30. Liam Bennetts Avatar

    "Problem with technology is we feel like we have to fit to the technology, Apple pencil knows what you want" got you a sub 🙂 well said

  31. Bohumír Pospíšil Avatar

    Where did you buy that screen protector?

  32. hargarlar Avatar

    doesn't matte screen protectors affect screen clarity? do you have a good one to recommend??

  33. Andrew Ehler Avatar

    Whats the app you're using?

  34. RICKY SEKHON Avatar

    Its over when you said paid review

  35. Jozoko Avatar

    Whic app was that?

  36. Paul Alvarez Avatar

    Maybe instead of being extremely critical at the beginning, just trying it, like you did here, may have been a better approach. I don't like the "I was wrong" theme in videos. Thanks anyway.

  37. TheRittyl Avatar

    Man, fantastic video. You really sold me on the Pencil, thanks Will!

  38. Maddie S. Baldwin Avatar

    Does not having a hover cursor make it harder for you to draw? Can't decide between and iPad or just sticking to a tablet

  39. Peter Storm Avatar

    Where are the brushes he said would be available on his website? I can't seem to find it 🙁

  40. John L Avatar

    The new upcoming ios 11 update for ipad will make the experience even better

  41. Angela Stevenson Avatar

    I just bought one for my iPhone 7 and I realized that the Apple Pencil didn't work for it. FUCK U APPLE

  42. fatalradius Avatar

    Don't feel guilty about purchase price, only because Apple products really hold their value well. Re-selling them will get you back a nice cut.

  43. Daniel Widjaja Avatar

    Dont show boring Face..

  44. Prodigy Child Avatar

    honestly get a wacom cintiq, so much better

  45. MADEbySOUL Avatar

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS KIND OF REVIEW! As an artist, the experience of drawing on paper has been unparalleled to any Wacom tablet I owned or tried. So I have been siding eyeing the iPad Pro like a possible bad dinner date. Thank you so much for your review!

  46. 付雪榕 Avatar

    hi, Will, I just wonder what the app you use in the video, it so brilliant!!! and thank you for the fantastic video!

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