Arduino Tutorial 4 : 7 Segment Display & Theremin

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In this part of my Arduino tutorial we’ll create 2 separate projects. First we’ll learn how 7 segment displays work and then create a dice simulation rolling circuit. We’ll then learn how to create a theremin, which is a weird instrument you can play without touching it. In addition we’ll learn about photoresistors, importing libraries, voltage dividers, map and much more.






13 responses to “Arduino Tutorial 4 : 7 Segment Display & Theremin”

  1. Masoud Rousta Avatar

    You’re awesome Derek. Amazing tutorial. I have learnt a lot from you. Thanks

  2. Anjaney Mahajan Avatar

    Is it possible if you could make a soldering tutorial as well?

  3. Vaibhav Codian Avatar

    Today we learned some what similar things in our college what a coincidence…" .BCD to 7 segment display " what was exactly thought…

  4. Jennifer Ling Avatar


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  5. Golden Bullet Avatar

    Could you go over socket programming for python?

  6. Shivam Raj Avatar

    Hii derek
    I have seen you sharing stories of your life which are interesting to me but as same time its comman and happens to many people but the way you write it is excellent can you pls share some storytelling way or can you give me some tips how i can share my High school story like ig yesterday we have celebrated teacher's day in India and i want to do these things to some up coming festival

  7. diamened Avatar

    Why are you camelcasing C language? Don't do that!

  8. Victor Onyebuchi Avatar

    My goodness, you know everything Derek. the subscribed numbers dont lie!

  9. FREE AIRDROP Avatar

    best man is Derek thank's much learn

  10. Daniel Lafrance Avatar

    Hello Mr. Bannas, since You are gazing with electronics, have You heard of Nice free application that allow you to desing circuits from a virtual bredboard to a schematic. It could ease your life with your already great videos. I am a fan of your "Hello there internet ….. ". Best Regards

  11. Vasilis Karastergios Avatar

    Hi Derek, I am so grateful i have found your channel, i recently made a hit counter using this library, i also used it as a temp sensor with an lm35. I hope you continue making arduino tutorials.

  12. Nader Nad Avatar

    Goodl game .. good job dearek

  13. Exodus Avatar

    You're awesome Derek 🙂 Thanks for all the videos.

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