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Here I begin a massive tutorial on Arduino and Electronics! In this first video I cover Arduino Basics, Electricity, Ground, Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power, Protecting Components, LEDs, Breadboards, Arduino Coding, Ohm’s Law, Generating Different Voltages with Arduino, 2 Circuits and much more.

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19 responses to “Arduino Tutorial”

  1. Nova Novus Avatar

    make a video on Julia

  2. Armen Melik-Abramians Avatar

    Great tutorial!! Thank you!!

  3. Albert Mars Avatar

    hey derek can you do a video series on the whole firebase SDK ?

  4. Dodgy Brothers Avatar

    Kind of feel like I didn't get enough of a fix… You spent so much time explaining how electricity flows, that there wasn't enough code that did stuff in there. But now that is done we can have more code next time 😉

    2:25 are you trying to convince us overunity exists 😀 "You are going to double the voltage output for each battery you add" hehehe nice try.

  5. Rizki Adi Saputra Avatar

    pls make IoT tutorial bro

  6. teja tej Avatar

    Hey derek….
    Can u so any ANDROID videos.??

  7. Cindy USOS Avatar

    Are your tutorials really guarenteed to get me a job? Sorry no need to be rude. In college to get bachelor and be a software developer too. Any books reccommend?

  8. Ocsir B Avatar

    Man you are an information magnet. You should have been up to 3 – 10 million subscribers because you give people content they can use.

  9. Sean Gowens Avatar

    Thanks. BTW what software do you use to make these awesome presentations?

  10. Abdulnaser Sheikh Avatar

    Damn I hate being a technology professional. I have to spend 12 hours to keep up with new technology.

  11. Ita Co Avatar

    Thank you very much Derek !
    I love your videos,
    Looking forward to the next episode.

  12. Josue Avatar

    If you want to learn more about arduino, here is there website

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