Aspiring Game Programmer – Motivational Video

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34 responses to “Aspiring Game Programmer – Motivational Video”

  1. Adnan Valuz Avatar

    Game Wars: The Movie coming soon…

  2. Callum Miller Avatar

    "What are you doing sitting there… your time is ticking" Absolutely spot on, your life could be over in a matter of minutes or days. It might be a cliche but the old saying is true "Life is short". Don't waste time sitting around thinking about what you want to do, just do it (Nike is your mentor).

  3. Hermes 462 Avatar

    What ruins my motivation is when i dont know all the shortcuts in coding like how do you delete a whole line in 1 clikc like wtff

    it looks so cool when coders do it but i cant do it so i look like a noob well i am a noob like a really fat noob FAT NNOOB

    so yeha

  4. HatOfTricks Avatar

    Can you make one for becoming a porn site admin?

  5. Mouiz Ghouri Avatar

    I started game developing and coding when I was 9,I used game maker 8.1 (cracked pro),now im 14 and I use unity as my main focused game engine.i can code in a couple of languages.

  6. billy persistent Avatar

    Really encouraging, unless I make halo reach. This guy would probably kill me if I did that.

  7. team toilet Avatar

    where's that will Smith interview God damn inspirational af

  8. Narmy of Narnopes Avatar

    "Modern Warfare and Halo are bad games." Wtf do you consider a good game then bitch? Ohhhh ur just jealous u don't have as much success as they do

  9. Chapzer Avatar

    I've wanted to start coding for so so long, and today I started with HTML and felt accomplished in it I never knew where to start and I feel like I'm getting somewhere. It's exciting! If anyone has tips on time management and how much time I should spend s day learning how to code then please tell me, I don't want to overwhelm myself and not learn!

  10. Sherry Dragonair Avatar

    whats wrong with modern warfare!

  11. Donejail Avatar

    Disgusting way to make people watch your videos

  12. Jose Fuentes Avatar

    Coding is hellllllllaaaa boring

  13. Good Taste of Music Club Avatar

    im sitting here im watching u stupid bitch

  14. Chocolate Storm Avatar

    time to continue working on my shitty pong ripoff lol
    (at least i'm making it from scratch without an engine lol)

  15. Leanas Avatar

    What's the name of that dude that said cod was shit?

  16. Omar Azarkan Avatar

    is that idubz in the thumbnail

  17. Its Me Ivan Avatar

    3:07 how donald trump got motivated to build a wall

  18. ZAWT1981 Avatar

    Il do it!! I dont how many times I have to beak my game…how many games that suck will i play!! I keep trying even though its not a great paying job!!

    Its not how hard you hit!! Its how hard you can get hit and keep going!! How hard you can fall and get bakc up!!

  19. The Tiny Biskit Avatar

    was that transformers music?

  20. vcrbetamax Avatar

    He's right. Build a wall!

  21. RetroNerd Avatar

    1:09 your door is blocked buddy

  22. William Hernandez Avatar

    dude… just thanks :')

  23. TheFrenchPlays Hd Avatar

    this doesnt aply to Assembler…

  24. TheCivildecay Avatar

    cool video, gave me a real motivation boost:);I'm 34 and started with game making/programming this year and without any former programming skills… about to finish my first real project before the end of this year:)

  25. Meloncraft Avatar

    that really motivated

  26. DragonFyZex Avatar

    I'm going to fight! Fight for it 3 hours dedicated each day! I don't care about playing other games! If something gets in my way I will press uninstall

  27. MattThePotato Avatar

    3 years and this is still the best motivational video ever. Whenever i get down or tired of making games, I watch this video.

  28. UberAlex Avatar

    So much hype aha, this really does help 🙂

  29. V3r1and3r Avatar

    Do you have to be a good drawer to be a game designer?

  30. Jan Reynald Reyes Avatar

    "what are you doing sitting there your time is ticking, stop watching this fucking video and start coding!!!" XD

  31. ZoFlux Avatar

    Really good video, ill become the owner of the most famous game company 1 day…..

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