Autumn color effect | Photoshop tutorial | Soft light look

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In this photoshop autumn effect tutorial which is part of my soft light effect series , i will show you how you can transform any regular photo into autumn and add a lens flare and then add bunch of leaves to make look even more dope !!

So, this is very short tutorial and dose not have a lot of things to do but still its very powerful and can be a lot fun to do, plus you can record an action and then apply it on any of you albums. People love this effect and it dose not even take a lot time.

First we will enhance the image since its a little dark and then add leaves and lens flare and then we will apply color correction and yes makes sure color correction layers are on the top so that whenever you apply and adjustment it also affects flare and leaves.

Then there is just couple of steps for creating vignetting around the image and then we are done…… 🙂

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂

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34 responses to “Autumn color effect | Photoshop tutorial | Soft light look”

  1. Carolyn D'Alessandro Avatar

    Thank you! Easy to understand.

  2. Duphe Avatar

    very nice editing, very good explanation. perfect video, merci! 🙂

  3. george edisherashvili Avatar

    baj baj bajj baajjj pooop bajbajbaj pooopp bajbajbab… fucking indu people

  4. Christine Reynier Avatar

    Fantastic tutorial! Quick and to the point. Thanks very much!

  5. abhijit 1995 Avatar

    is it cs7? plz tell me the version of ps

  6. Studio Paulista Avatar

    O documento de destino tem uma profundidade diferente em comparação ao documento de origem.Isso pode resultar em uma qualidade inferior á esperada.tem certeza de que deseja continuar?

  7. MD N I Sumon Avatar

    would you please show me, how to create a animated wall picture by cs6

  8. Romee Borshon Avatar

    how did u create that png file with leaf????do reply

  9. mohammed toufique Avatar

    Png image is not opening in photoshop cs6

  10. Tirumala Nalla Avatar

    You are bit fast (not sure why), but very good tutorial.. like it.

  11. Kunal Sagavakar Avatar

    if i click a photo inside studio and i want to give it autumn effect with inserting a natural background inside Photoshop is it possible to match it with background and to get the same autumn effect? if yes,HOW? please help me with any such tutorial.

  12. Abhi Cheulkar Avatar

    this is sooo helpfull man.. just make more editing videos. You explain it well and your tutorials are easy ! atb man !

  13. Carolyn D'Alessandro Avatar

    Thank you, Great tutorial!

  14. DEEJAY VARUN Avatar

    please can u tell how to download ps

  15. Squidlings Avatar

    Have to say, this has been the most useful photoshop vid I've see in a long time. Thanks!!

  16. vintage Photography Avatar

    Love this thank you so much you awesome teacher

  17. Studio Edin Avatar

    Jeeesus this was probabl the worst tutorial ever, slow down dude!

  18. Bill Bertke Avatar

    Thank you for your tutorials! Sometimes I have to rewind to understand, but you do a very good job explaining the process! Much appreciated!

  19. Alex Brewer Avatar

    I have element and do not have channel mixer. how can I manipulate colors?

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