Awesome Photo Gallery In WordPress


Learn how to make an awesome photo gallery in wordpress. Learn how to upload, resize, create thumbnails and more in the nextgen gallery.






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  1. Pamelina says Avatar

    I need to add image categories to my gallery page. I'm not that computer savvy so can anyone give me direction?

  2. Yoneko Shiraishi Avatar

    Great video…!! thanks 🙂

  3. Eric Avatar

    How would you set up photos to have seperate sections for say different trips or different fun days to sort pictures.Thanks

  4. Gunnar Roger Jensen Avatar

    Hi Tyler.
    Wery Nice videos 🙂
    How can I place many link on a master page?

  5. scott croft Avatar

    Great video as always Tyler!! i have only one question. If a photo has multiple views angles ect. what plug in or how could I find the plug in where you can click the photo and below it are different views or it? or do you have a video Of the installation of it

  6. Obniel Lombard Avatar

    Thank you very much for sharing this video Tyler.

  7. blacks uplift Avatar

    love all of your videos. Need some help. Do you know a gallery where it allows members to comment on photos

  8. Solely Avatar

    This helped immensely.  Thanks!

  9. Julisa Pérez Avatar

    Thanks! but what if I wanna have a page with many different albums on it? How can I do it with this plug in?

  10. Trudie Hughes Avatar

    I am a novice, I admit that. I have been frustrated trying to get my site up with photos. This video made all the difference in the world. I love
    Tyler 's videos!!!

  11. Karim Ouahbi Avatar

    You're pro Tyler, thank you

  12. Daymond Dixon Avatar

    Hi great video. Quick question, after making the gallery will i be able to add and delete photos at a later date?

  13. shaurice larmie Avatar

    Hi Tyler i was wondering if there is a chance of updating this video because it seems the Nextgen gallery has changed a bit…

  14. Pavan Kumar Avatar

    thank you

    how can allow users to upload images in same gallery… creates by admin ??

    can we upload more images in same gallery

  15. windowsgr91 Avatar

    how can allow users to upload images in same gallery… creates by admin ??

  16. Khmer Channel Avatar

    it is very good !!!


    This was a great tutorial. Im wondering if you have done one that would show once you have your gallery done you cllick on a picture and it would bring up different views of that same photo?

  18. Surendran Pandaran Avatar

    Thank you. Your pace and instructions are very followable.

  19. mitohistoriador Avatar

    Hi Tyler—you are an awesome guide with this plugin and I've been faithfully working with your tesseract theme. I waited a while until they released a version of NextGen that appears "tested" with the latest WordPress version and this update finally came out last week! Nonetheless, I'm experiencing some difficulties in getting it to work properly via the Beaver Builder tool. Two major things seem to be missing: all the gallery options you get when you click the green icon (for there is no such green next-gen button through BeaverBuilder) and second, my ability to sort the galleries also seems curtailed, for although I go to the manage galleries tab and use the sort options, it doesn't seem to affect the way the gallery is displayed through BeaverBuilder. Any light you could shine on this would be fantastic as I am a bit stuck with it but I don't want to give up!

  20. DEREK ROOME Avatar

    What edition of WordPress was used please?

  21. Rajon Rahman Avatar

    How can I use hover zoom on photos??

  22. Dustin Gaillard Avatar

    I liked your video. But I was wondering is there possibly a way to create like a screen saver effect. For example when screen saver is active pictures flash at different points on the screen and then they disappear. Well on a page what if we could have a similar effect but with some text. I know it's not the best explanation but I'm not quite sure how else to explain this

  23. Jeanne Ratzloff Avatar

    Love your videos. They have helped me a lot. Can we add a Gallery to an existing page?

  24. Dana Garner Avatar

    Using this tutorial, I just added this NextGen plugin to the new Tesseract 2 Theme & was fine but it caused the admin bar at the top of the website to disappear. (Using Mac). The admin bar was fine when in Dashboard. I removed the plugin for NextGen and the admin bar reappeared while viewing website… but I lost my newly created gallery. Which photo gallery plugin works best with Tesseract 2? This is my second website with your tutorial and I am so grateful for these tutorials. The last one was Responsive & I am updating now. Started with Tesseract 1 but tossed most of what I'd done when I found Tesseract 2. But I am going around in circles with these galleries, the most important part of my website. Is there something I can do to get back the admin bar if I go back to NextGen?

  25. jakub klos Avatar

    Thank you for your help.
    I have a problem with my gallery. When I try to click on the fotos the maximum size is to small and I cannot change it. The original size of the images is good so I don't understand what's happen…

  26. Jay Booth Avatar

    Is there a way to make 3 columns of pictures, I tried in the settings but it doesnt seem to work

  27. Anita Barrett Avatar

    Excellent… always….you make it so easy to follow. Thanks Tyler.

  28. Vijay Rangu Avatar

    very usefull 🙂 Thanks

  29. Janet Shikami Avatar

    Great explanations, you've helped me a lot. Thanks

  30. Ronnie-S Avatar

    Thanks Tyler…clear instructions as per usual

  31. Caleb Heale Avatar

    Thanks Tyler! Very helpful!

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