Backbone.js Tutorial Part 14 – Backbone.js Views: Templating

Backbone.js Tutorial Part 14 – Backbone.js Views: Templating

This video is part of my 4-hour Udemy course where I take you on a step-by-step journey to learn Backbone.js from scratch to a level to start building real-world applications with it. Throughout the course, I’ll show you many real-world examples of popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Bitly, FourSquare, Pinterest, etc and explain how you would implement something like them with Backbone.

I’ll also give you cheat sheets and assignments to put what you learn in practice. You’ll also get the benefit of asking me any questions and I’ll help you out throughout your learning.

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Take my full 4-hour Udemy course to also learn about:

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Backbone.js Events
Testing Backbone.js Applications with Jasmine
Modularizing Bakcbone.js Applications with Require.js
Building an Application from Scratch with Backbone.js

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6 responses to “Backbone.js Tutorial Part 14 – Backbone.js Views: Templating”

  1. Mauro Aguilar Avatar

    Great tutorials. I got it. Thanks very much.

  2. Manoj Ch Avatar

    Hey ! thank you for d videos….eagerly waiting for videos on routing

  3. manoj sawant Avatar

    Hey, thanks a lot for this informative videos. Simply awesome … 🙂

  4. Lasse Dia Avatar

    Thank you Mr Hamedani, your videos are the best way to get started with backbone!
    I have a question, what's the best way if we have a mysql data base and want to use backbone as front-end?

  5. pankaj bisht Avatar

    is't possible one template reflect another template..

  6. Edson J. Friedmann Avatar

    Thank you Mr.Hamedani, i've watched all videos that you made about backbone and they helped me a lot.

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