Basic Math Tutorial – 3 – Addition with Perimeters

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12 responses to “Basic Math Tutorial – 3 – Addition with Perimeters”

  1. John Carlo Cagas Avatar

    3 videos in, I realized this is quite similar to Khan Academy.

  2. flavourboss Avatar

    The narrators voice is so soothing lol..

  3. veera mann Avatar

    can any one make 1000 using eight ….8's

  4. biggee316 Avatar

    How about the perimeter of an irregular rectangle, where the sides would not be the same lenght?

  5. Umair G Avatar

    What is a square ?

  6. MJG TechPro Avatar

    dont listen to these idiots your doing a great job if only these tutorials were here when i was doing my GCSE's it would have been a great help and continue what your doing.

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