Basic Math Tutorial – 9 – Write the Equivalent for Each Measurement

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16 responses to “Basic Math Tutorial – 9 – Write the Equivalent for Each Measurement”

  1. xxiRaQiAtheistxx Avatar

    chh..what about metres..

  2. Jon Sprang Avatar

    I dont know I guess that's why your watching it.

  3. zeusprp Avatar

    For kids. Or for people who couldn't afford going to school.

  4. Vlad Berlea Avatar

    is this video for retarted people??

  5. silencedidgood Avatar

    I love all of the great work on this site. Remember the one rule to conversion is the multiplication identity rule. You are always just multiplying your number and units by the number one…for instance 12 inches over 1 foot. Since anything "normalized" to itself is one.

  6. drans Avatar

    @ilikechess1 The only thing that makes this video in the slightest bit complicated is the fact that the imperial measurement system makes it difficult!

  7. Tatskaari Avatar

    @Kebabmies1001 idiot….

  8. Tatskaari Avatar

    @InfoSysSenior have a go at it yourself an post what you do in the forums at thenewboston website.

  9. Kai Kräutler Avatar

    i think you should structure your tutorials more
    and dont make so much examples

  10. Noah Reisch Avatar

    for customary units you should convert using this method for example the question says


    what you should say to yourself and by creating a proportion is this how many
    inches are in 1 foot so set up a proportion inches over feet in/ft so 12/1 then you plug in the ft that they gave us so 12/1 X x/2 (x is the amount of 2ft in inches then just cross multipy) hope this helped

  11. Celeodor Avatar

    Thenewboston much love

  12. kevinyo4 Avatar

    you should use SI units;
    there a just few countries that use this metric system
    and besides that its better to learn the International System;
    its used worldwide, and for example many physics formula wont work with this system.

  13. Jeel Shah Avatar

    I think you should teach the normal metric system. The are rarely any countries that use yards and feet etc.

  14. UniversalGameGuide Avatar

    ahha 3rd comment again

  15. Kalvinwarrior104 Avatar

    Good Video!!!! Love you thenewboston!

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