Beginner Backgammon Tutorial – 1 – Setting up the Board

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27 responses to “Beginner Backgammon Tutorial – 1 – Setting up the Board”

  1. Ticcy Robby Avatar

    Tavla değilmi lan bu

  2. Urban Legend Avatar

    My backgammon set has an extra dice, the doubling dice as most people call it, could you please explain it's use? Is it not needed?

  3. spllitz Avatar

    this is for old people

  4. chuck challender Avatar

    thank you for the videos i watched and learned they are very awesome brother

  5. John J Gasparini Avatar

    Hay Mr New Boston I asked for some info!

  6. John J Gasparini Avatar

    Is this the 15" Chh game?

  7. John J Gasparini Avatar

    This was a good get started lesson, what size is the board and who made it,

  8. Richard Piccolo Avatar

    It's two minutes in…and you haven't said anything yet!

  9. yourturn Avatar

    Looking for a new backgammon set?
    Modern Art Acrylic Lucite 18" Deluxe Backgammon Set – Blue & White Limited

  10. Keith Rozeski Avatar

    it has been 25 years since I've played. This is the best tutorial to relearn how to play………. OhighO

  11. Atlas Sabers Avatar

    Lol 5:52. Pauses video, "flips computer monitor"

  12. Xena: Destroyer of Nations Avatar

    I can't believe you defaced that lovely set with permanent marker. Sticky notes would have been a better option. The perfectionist in me is having a meltdown.

  13. James Marshall Avatar

    What is the object of the game?

  14. Sienna s Avatar

    I used to play this on my phone!

  15. Mathew B Avatar

    I brought this backgammon myself check it out


  16. sirgma Avatar

    way too freaking long to teach backgammon unless you assume the people you are teaching are deaf dumb and blind.

  17. Michael Braun Avatar

    Great job. Concise. To the point. Easily understood. I myself have been playing for years and understand the game well. I just wanted to let you know i liked your videos. Great job.

  18. onesimpleidea Avatar

    +thenewboston Thanks for taking the time to make simple tutorials for backgammon. I've watched several of them now.

    I'll return the favor — a piece of feedback:
    If your goal is to make clear tutorials (backgammon, programming, etc), and you do a lot of them, you should try to eliminate repetitive phrases — they do not add anything useful to the tutorial and are quite distracting.

    Your favorite repetitive phrase is "go ahead and". You say it in nearly every sentence, "I'm going to go ahead and move …" or "Go ahead and roll". Not one "go ahead" is necessary to your meaning and it degrades from your overall goal. Those sentences should instead begin with "I'll move" and "Roll".

    On one hand, it is just a harmless figure of speech … if used occasionally. On the other hand, watch some of your own tutorials and count the number of times that you do this. I think you'll be surprised and likely get my point.

    Again, thanks for the tutorials and good luck making more.

  19. Rafael Andrade Avatar

    Other tutorials were "horrible" and "horrendous". You mean like children starving, bone cancer, etc.?

  20. Paulo Ribeiro Avatar

    Wonderful tutorial. very well explained. thanks a lot.

  21. Jesse Mathews Avatar

    Is there an official side for the home board for the light and dark pieces (and likewise an official direction of play)? For example, in this video, you show dark's home board to be the lower right quadrant (from the perspective of dark), while the light's home board is in the lower left (from the perspective of the light). On other tutorials, I see it set up oppositely (dark's home board being lower left, and light's home board being lower right–both from their respective perspectives). Thanks in advance.

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