Beginner Backgammon Tutorial – 8 – Slowing Down an Opponent

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36 responses to “Beginner Backgammon Tutorial – 8 – Slowing Down an Opponent”

  1. Joel Watson Avatar

    Great set of instructions, thanks


    I haven't played backgammon since I moved from south Florida, we had Backgammon nightclubs, serious playing, I forgot it's been so long, thank's for this tutorial , it is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than the others online, you did a super job at explaining the game

  3. Alan Baldwin Avatar

    I always wanted to learn this game and just bought my first board, I thought that this was very clear and good instruction, Thanks

  4. Sinus Plexus Avatar

    1:47 It's always 45, 56 or 44 for him when I try this..

  5. Nicklas Nylander Avatar

    Very nice! Thank you for this series, it really cleared up the game for me. Just started off playing today, I hope to have a lifetime relationship with this game!

  6. Mark Arnold Avatar

    Your videos are the best ones on here. Everything you say makes sense.

  7. Hector Caballero Avatar

    what is the big cube for? 8 videos and didn't touch it…

  8. yanekw Avatar

    Best on YouTube, cheers lad!

  9. justgivemethetruth Avatar

    I think this was redone. It looks better now.

  10. ReignOfPraine Avatar

    No, it's risky not playing this way.

  11. phartl Avatar

    how come in the opening move you only moved 4 two times? because if you roll two 4's you get to move four times or?

  12. justgivemethetruth Avatar

    Bucko … you need to be very embarrassed about this "tutorial" there are so many mistakes here you need to delete it.

  13. justgivemethetruth Avatar

    No, he does not know what he is doing or he made a mistake, or just made up a move that had nothing to do with the dice … this tutorial should be deleted … it's just wrong.

  14. justgivemethetruth Avatar

    how do you make that opening move with 2-1 on the dice?

  15. rouladoros Avatar

    too bad we greeks are like asians at this game xD

  16. Rougang Tang Avatar

    I cannot beat the computer, so embarrassed.

  17. Samyh Avatar

    The first move by white was 4 4 but he moved only 2 checkers

  18. americansensei Avatar

    2 much time on your hands…

  19. Linux5min Avatar

    but what is the other white dice for?

  20. Velocity Eleven Avatar

    but surely if brown gets that piece removed, then it is being sent back the whole way to the start of their path… where as white is only being sent back a small distance

  21. Andy McCormick Avatar

    @mstuie dito.. first game and won by one checker

  22. Luiginumber1 Avatar

    i kinda lol'd at 0:10

  23. taylorphoe Avatar

    Can you show how to use the doubling cube? I don't know what it's for 😛

  24. aldld Avatar

    I now consider myself to be a backgammon master, and I don't even own a board 😛

  25. joe Hubbard Avatar

    buckyy!!! teach Allegro tutoriallsss!!!

  26. Mystery Avatar

    Thanks bucky!
    I just bought a Board! 🙂

  27. zsmb Avatar

    @mstuie I did the same (Windows 7 Internet Backgammon game, #LOL)

  28. watermelonpizza Avatar

    If you roll double 6's and a checker is on the bar could you move it straight to the 1 point and in this case push the white checker onto the bar? Like they switch position?

  29. drecklia Avatar

    thats what i did on my first game! i kept sending the enemy back to bar and slowly advanced to my home

  30. Don Hall Avatar

    only a noob would make whites first move

  31. ZethSlayer Avatar

    @jakubnage I recommend Minecraft Classic. It's free and fun, if you like that buy Minecraft Beta, it's got way for features 😛

  32. Chobo McChadlin Avatar

    Hey Bucky, these videos are super convenient as I have been wanting to learn this game for a while and even more so since you made that video about making money online playing it (lol).

    However, I was wondering where you would recommend playing online. I am looking for a place to play for free right now. If you can recommend a place to bet in case I get better and feel like it, that would be awesome too.


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