Beginner Backgammon Tutorial – 9 – Opening Moves

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37 responses to “Beginner Backgammon Tutorial – 9 – Opening Moves”

  1. Howard Bamber Avatar

    2/1 is the worst open move IMO and most experts I've read. The way you played it was terrible 4 is one of the most thrown numbers. You are putting a counter that if taken has to go 3/4 round the board to get back to where it was. I've played 40 years and never seen a player use that.

  2. Howard Bamber Avatar

    A prime is ONLY A BLOCK OF 6

  3. Vladimir Mazneski Avatar

    2:11 bold move NEVER NEVER play that oppening

  4. Patrick John Avatar

    This is a wonderfully concise and helpful series. Thank you, Bucky!

  5. zacharycat Avatar

    On your 4-1 roll white double 4 wipes out your 5 and 9 points and make his own 5 point, too risky for me.

  6. zacharycat Avatar

    The 2nd player can open with doubles and has to know how to play them.

  7. Mary Skorstad Avatar

    EXCELLENT!!! Thank you so much for a PERFECT teaching tutorial. It's been years since I played and totally forgot. But how you explained it perfectly I am now back in the game. No pun intended. Thank you

  8. Mu Mac Avatar

    actually the best opening roll is double 1 one

  9. Fulgencio Sapalicio Avatar

    Thanks a lot, Bucky. Great video. Very helpful. I learned Backgammon 2 days ago. And now I am addicted. At 4:46 of the video you mentioned 2-4, which should be 2-6. Also, you failed to mention what to do with a 3-4 combination.

  10. Taylor Ogan Avatar

    you sound drunk

  11. taz0k2 Avatar


    Thanks. I wanted to learn Backgammon but now two Backgammon programs I've tried in a row does not allow the move you show for 5 & 6. I don't understand why.

  12. Evilsork Avatar

    2:43 i don't get the point why to do this? Because when he is going to kick nr5, i will loose such a long way, my own kick would just do almost nothing.

  13. jakeheke Avatar

    Just finished watching all of your videos. Thank you so much

  14. Carlos Filho Avatar

    More than 5 pieces in the same place? This is a wrong move.

  15. Shamborg Avatar

    Do more! 馃檪

  16. Genevieve Foley Avatar

    Great tutorial ! Thanks so much !

  17. john bayern Avatar

    32-41-21 are wrong moves all the other moves are absolutely right!

  18. Rajeev Sahu Avatar

    So you cannot roll a double on your first roll?

  19. Optimus Crime Avatar

    Thanks dude the instructions for mine were crap. But your really helpfull

  20. Rashed Abdel Hadi Avatar

    I have the same board!!!! And great tutorial

  21. Pavel Garanin Avatar

    awesome tutorials — watch all of them (sort of) but especially this one — very helpful and I wish you made more

  22. Mark Arnold Avatar

    That's a Doubling Cube. You or your opponent can choose to double the bet on the game. If the opposing player refuses, the game ends at the previous stakes with the person who initiated the Double becoming the winner.

  23. Mark Arnold Avatar

    Your video was extremely helpful. I've employed your techniques and it's vastly improved my game. Thank you so very much.

  24. cAlx Avatar

    Ive just watched all your tutorials on Backgammon thanks a lot i was lost before now i know not only the basics but how to play decent for a beginner cheers!

  25. bbraoul3 Avatar

    Just after that serie of tutorials, I went to see what it looks like in real game … And I don't understand what they do XD

  26. I David Avatar

    you can have doubles on your opening role if the other player starts.

  27. Terry P Avatar

    The numbered die is called the doubling die. Essentially what it does is increases the stake of the game. So typically backgammon is played 3 times at 1 point a game-called a match, similar to tennis. What the die does is increase the stakes of the game. So if you're playing a 1 point game you can increase the stakes by presenting your opponent the die. You don't roll it, but rathe give it to them with the number facing up. The opponent then either accepts the doubled stake or forfeits the game

  28. ddxjon Avatar

    so whenever you see your opponent throw a 2-3 to open and move their 13 to the 8 alright pretty much chuck it up as a win because youre playing with a noob… well thats me 馃槢

  29. Le么nidas Yop谩n Avatar

    Bucky, thanks A LOT for your tutorials. I always wanted to learn how to play backgammon. But I think I have the same question as some other guys: what is the 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64-dice for?

  30. BaliLandandVilla Avatar

    until 6-5 is all ok rest is no.

  31. justgivemethetruth Avatar

    do you mean 22 23 for a 2-1 roll, you cannot get to the 21 and 22 points with just a 2-1.

    look at the way the board is numbered, there is not "your" 13 point.

    your comments do not relate at all to the numbers on the his board.

  32. justgivemethetruth Avatar

    so don't just criticize, what do you do with a 5-3 … grab the 8 and 10 points ?

  33. justgivemethetruth Avatar

    I dont think it matters that much, and is good if you roll 3-3 or 1-1 to set up a tough defense. There is always grabbing the 10 and 11 points to help with building up defense, and if you get hit back so far there is less damage.

    i hate rolling 6-3 on the opening.

  34. justgivemethetruth Avatar

    Do you ever play backgammon on FIBS? Any thoughts on that system?
    The good thing about getting that 8 point with a 2-3 or 5-? is that if or when you get low doubles you can set up a pretty effective defense, especially with 3-3s.
    Taking that 20 point is really bad if they get 3-3s or 6-1 and can be very difficult to escape from a possible blitz.

  35. jonnyhatter35 Avatar

    dude, I just finished watching all your tutorials on backgammon. please post more!! they're the best i've found on youtube

  36. leavesofgrass92 Avatar

    It's called the doubling cube, and it's only used to double the betting stakes. Therefore, it's not generally used when you're playing for fun.

  37. BallisticPikachu Avatar

    i watched all of your tutorials , great videos 馃檪

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