Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 1 – Introduction to JavaScript

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27 responses to “Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 1 – Introduction to JavaScript”

  1. Hasan Ferdous Mahee Avatar

    your accent is so clean and understandable

  2. Anthony Batista Avatar

    Is this still ok to learn from in 2017?? Hard to find guides for ppl who know jack about this.

  3. Maurice Williams Avatar

    This guy is a computer genius.

  4. The Unstoppable Avatar

    Miss you Bucky πŸ™ <3

  5. UbuntuLearnDev Avatar

    Try singing hey now brown cow like allstar

  6. Roko567 Avatar


  7. shashuri Magrease Avatar

    Ahhh Bucky Bucky Bucky You're the Maaan

  8. 21 684536 Avatar

    Hey bucky i stated html and css for 3 weeks ago and now i'm began Javascript πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the good tutorial πŸ™‚

  9. Jeff L Avatar

    Your tutorial is WAY better than the one I'm paying for on Coursera right now. Not even close.

  10. Speed Killer3 Avatar

    Hey thenewboston, I have downloaded Notepad++ version 7.4.3 but when I try to run my code sometimes it works sometimes it just shows the whole code

  11. Ricardo Cordero Avatar

    I just wanted ta say thank you bucky, seriously, best tutorials out there.

  12. Parvez Khasru Avatar

    where is the sound???

  13. Tanveer Singh Avatar

    what should i do if i have finished xhtml and css ,html5 and css3 tutorials from here
    I mean which next thing or language (like javascript or php) should i move on to, if i have knowledge of html5 and css3 so i have a good progress in web development

  14. Joy Das Avatar

    document.write("Thanks Bucky Roberts πŸ™‚ Your explanation is quiet simple and very good<br /> Now feeling pretty confident in javascript. Really thank you is less πŸ™‚ <br />
    From now on would follow your programming lectures :)");

  15. jenny uppal Avatar

    thanks you so much mr bucky you are best …amazing…. u r hero .. and i learnt from ur 40 tutorials and i can learn in deep from other sites ..lilke w3scchools thanks you so much again..thanks …

  16. Amrit Raj Avatar

    thanx man… very impressive πŸ™‚

  17. tech prog Avatar

    can you please help me with something??

  18. Tarnue Pythagoras Brobor Avatar

    Can you please make js simple quiz game

  19. Amrit289 Avatar

    sir u should provide with all videos in one video…

  20. Istiak Tushar Avatar

    Mr.Lucky as a teacher you are so good for me.

  21. Harsath Bill Gates Avatar

    site cannot be reached problem is comming for me please give me a solution

  22. shadi bikas Avatar

    thanks for your tutorials. i have problem with my browser. probably because of school network. can you help me out? how can i fix it?

  23. junaid ali Avatar

    Well this fucking guy is better than the shitty dumb professor at my university. You are FUCKING AWESOME!

  24. Kartik Avatar

    notepad user take 3min to write this meanwhile sublime user watching next video

  25. Aryan Saket Avatar

    Buck ..make a video on php….i mean i know its there from the newboston …chap…we want u everywhere pls make it

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