Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 10 – Calling a Function From Another Function

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39 responses to “Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 10 – Calling a Function From Another Function”

  1. Namrata Rupani Avatar

    I did as explained in the video but the function is not executed…pls help

  2. Daniel Smith Avatar

    The only reason it gave up is to save your computer … in the case of an endless loop there is a failsafe browsers use so that you dont destroy your pc. Its the same sort of programming thats used in antivirus software that saves your computer from a virus like 42

  3. Abhinav Chavali Avatar

    here is how you turn passwords to text.

    first. you inspect element on the passwords
    then. you go to <input type> and change it from passwords to text


    Awesome! Thank you so much

  5. Hemant Sood Avatar

    what's the mean of you written in line 1st and 2nd ????????

  6. AJay Gupta Avatar

    We won't ruin you reputation Bucky, don,t worry!! you're BEST!!

  7. Seema Barate Avatar

    very nice tutorial,I know the basic about java script but i don't understand how i implement the functions and conditions in coding,can you help me how i learn the js programming for web mapping.

  8. Class Bunker Avatar

    I wish i could type" thanks bucky" in the commets for all ur videos jst like that endless loop .

  9. Fun Deluxe Avatar


  10. Seif-Eddine Abdelkefi Avatar

    is there a way i can stop a function from another function ?? like function1( ){….} function2( ){ … ; stop function 1}. Thanks

  11. Spit Fire Avatar

    i am first bo!! if i was the first one to watch the video it would have been a perfect joke xD

  12. Jackie Robinson Avatar

    I could never get tired of you Bucky

  13. Matthew Kane Avatar

    I read my text book and information from my college and I feel like an idiot. I watch Bucky explain it and it seems so simple. Thank you Bucky.

  14. Mukhtaar A. Aziz Avatar

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good bro

  15. Mysterious Truths Avatar

    I got an message from chrome saying Aw Snap

    something went wrong while displaying this page ๐Ÿ˜› I've actually blown my browser var x("Oh Damn It feels Great");

  16. Chetan Naik Avatar

    I tried this infinite looping, its no more working in new browser.

    <script type="text/javascript">

    function doFirst(){
    document.write(" in first ");

    function doSecond(){
    documnet.write(" Second calling ");


  17. henok-micrometre micrometre Avatar

    great work i spent weeks stuck on functions thanks

  18. RithyRos1 Avatar

    18 people aren't happy with themselves

  19. plezx29 Avatar

    Bo Selecta!!!!!

  20. Vishal Narwal Avatar

    I tried doing the same thing on my PC but google chrome is displaying Aw, Swap!

  21. Kuya Waha Avatar

    i believe i am not in the wrong path doing these ๐Ÿ˜› ..

    by the way ca you teach me how to seperate javascript in html on how call it in the html??

  22. ์„์ƒ์ฃผ Avatar

    One thing to note: Like C, which is one pass compiler, a function must be declared before it is called. In other words, the order of functions placement does matter

  23. Mark Oswald Avatar

    These tutorials are put together very well. Not sure why some of the JS experts are watching this and then leaving crappy comments. The title does say beginners tutorial, and it was produced over 5 years ago. Anyway, I appreciate you teaching the basics of JS and I look forward to watching all the videos.

  24. Brant Hazael Avatar

    internet explorer doesn't respond after doing that

  25. Alex Avatar

    I will create my owns loops now… For(){ }do();

  26. Sergey Kamenov Avatar

    He must be really badass trying these dangerous nonrecomended double callings

  27. Debajyoti Paul Avatar

    you just too funny man!!!

  28. David M Avatar

    Too many 'go aheads'. You can just do something, you don't have to 'go ahead and do it'. Also, you never showed what would happen if you had the calling function defined above the function it calls.

  29. FloW Avatar

    did pretty much the same but with some if and else statements..


    var x = 1;

    function funky (){

    document.write("Yay! Success :)");


    function dunky (){

    funky ();

    if (x =! 1){



    document.write("X is 1!");



  30. blah asdf Avatar

    i like that you teach us how to do what we need to do and use real terms such as "passing" and "invoking"/"calling" but where are the real world applications of each of these tutorials? Can you provide more examples in the future of where these are commonly used from an industry standpoint?

  31. Dayal Mehra Avatar

    document.write(" functin are " + "<br />" + serial() ); . Its ouput is not coming as per expectation

  32. Omi Thakur Avatar

    i lyk this video (y)

  33. Charles Goh Avatar

    How do you do it so that it prints each statement on a different line? /n and <br /> does not work when put within the printed statement.

  34. it is mine it is mine Avatar

    Hello guys. I know how to design a website or java script but I don't have a pc, i have iOS device iPad Air. Please can anyone show me how to test writing HTML or Java script codes on iPad?

  35. jihong choi Avatar

    this tutorial is way better than

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