Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 3 – Variables

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27 responses to “Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 3 – Variables”

  1. omar al-tal Avatar

    ham is haram please use cow meat

  2. mayabhupal Avatar

    This is really good your the best

  3. sharmin kulsum Avatar

    my variable = doesn't show on the browser ,

  4. Zhou Shen Avatar


  5. Babul Choudhary Avatar

    now its working , it was an error.

  6. Babul Choudhary Avatar

    sir in my chrome browser var function is not working

  7. joseph bickerton Avatar

    rather blow my head of with a shotgun than become a programmer

  8. Snitch Blitzer Avatar

    when I do the var stuff while having getElementByID, nothing is showing up on the chrome? but when I remove the var, stuff I wrote shows up

  9. Bhavin Chaudhari Avatar

    very well explained, what a variable is. thnx

  10. Malick Cisse Avatar

    I am guessing you can use number for a var name if you start it with an underscore. Like this, var _404 = "Zip Code";

  11. Ajay Jain Avatar

    document.write is not working in my google chrome…??

  12. Funny  World Avatar

    you forgot to mention that you can't use key words as variables like var

  13. sohailsarwar khan Avatar

    man u are the best teacher thanks alot and again ……………

  14. Jacob Dwyer Avatar

    can so use dollar signs

  15. D.C Siona Avatar

    For some unknown reason my javascript code is not working/running in the browser. I am making a simple quoting generator with html & javascript, but it wont run in the browser. Can you please help me?

  16. KillerTrainz Avatar

    I using a new(er) version of NotePad++, and if I type in what he did and did exactly that, it shows up as "var x = 32; document.write (x)" like that's exactly how it shows up. Maybe because the newer versions have a different way of doing it? I don't know. If anyone could help me with that, I'd appreciate that very much. Thnx!

  17. Marcus Hex Avatar

    If you know Java/C++/C#/C or Python then tutorial 3 to 16 is total easy for you.

  18. Flore Loriz Avatar

    Actually it is possible to use dollar sign for variables. for example the following code worked just fine for me:

    var $number = 30;

  19. Anima Avatar

    i dont hear any sound in all videos please help me …

  20. Michael Reynolds Avatar

    But a variable name can CONTAIN a number… just cant START with one

  21. bilal jamil Avatar

    keep up the good work… bucky….. extraordinary teaching skills u have ….

  22. prudhvi reddy Avatar

    bro when we type var x=32; document.write(z); output should be z why it is empty

  23. Stephan Langeveld Avatar

    it's kind of funny to see the first few tutorials gets lots of views then the views just stop dropping, like college dropouts haha

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