Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 32 – reverse, push, sort

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41 responses to “Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 32 – reverse, push, sort”

  1. Nayan Tiwari Avatar

    The string is separated even without using "join()" function. Wassup with this? o.o

  2. Grox's Channel Avatar

    Why didn't you mention splice? It seems to be very important (through push and pop cover the abilities of splice).

  3. Ansin HarSin Avatar

    Hi, Bucky, I;m from Israel, thank you for your learn us, about lesson Tutorial No' 32, i have problem ' i could not printing it, something going wrong, even i cheeked it many time, and every thing type right without any mistake,… What could be a problem, and how can i solve it,,. Thank in advance,.

  4. pavew ew Avatar

    If you wanted to write it faster you could have just written document.write(bp)

  5. ganraj kelkar Avatar

    so array is a stack in javascript :/

  6. Yashi Malik Avatar

    Hey Mr bucky!!!
    I am a great fan of ur videos these r the best material for any beginner.
    thanku so much for ur work,but i have a question
    q)- Why do you print the array by using the join command instead we can just write
    and this will print the array as a string separated by commas;)
    sorry if u consider it as an offense doesnt mean it that way
    btw Thanku Soo much.

  7. Nangsey Wangdi Avatar

    thank you so much for the tutorial Mr. Bucky.

  8. Dan Varlan Avatar

    Great tutorial as always 😀

  9. sean123654 Avatar

    Head,Shoulders,Tongue,Zoo,apple?,apracotes,hotdog,knees,liver punch

    Careful the sort method will put CAPITAL letters first #liverpunch! lol

  10. Emad El Sammad Avatar

    Why in earth would we use Bp.Push Array when we can just add whatever elements we need in the original array??

  11. HackExcel Tutorials Avatar

    32nd haha for a second sound like he said 30 second.

  12. buru kenge Avatar

    Hi guys was getting weird results with sort( ) turns out uppercase get priority so "Z" supersedes "a"

  13. Jeremy Whatever Avatar

    do you have to change bp into a string? Can't you just write document.write(bp);?

  14. Georgi Georgiev Avatar

    Thank you very much for the tutorial.
    GOD bless you.

  15. Kou Avatar

    Thanks bucky.

  16. Charles Paroissien Avatar

    wow you said "i think it took me about 20 seconds" about the typing race and it took you exactly 20 seconds O.o

  17. Charles Paroissien Avatar

    i beat you so easily i could of write it again before you were done lol n00b jk i wuv u

  18. Be Prime Avatar

    Pop function is more like a "poop" function, AMIRITE???

  19. bishwas sunar Avatar

    why u using that join thing. dont have to

  20. SimplyCoded Avatar

    The push method sure would be convenient in vbscript…

  21. Jaime Avatar

    I win! it was easy! I just paused the vid! lol

  22. No_Name Avatar

    Bucky could you make a brand new series about using aptana studio as eclipse plugin?

  23. AnimeHolicz Avatar

    I won the challenge! 😀

  24. Misheero Avatar

    you dont need
    var string1 = bp.join();

  25. Andrew Lawrence Avatar

    Yeah, does anyone know if there is an advantage to defining a new var here and then calling the string that way (like Bucky did)? All of the other methods he just called the attribute and then the document.write function. Maybe if you needed to manipulate the array differently than before but, it seems like doing it this way would only add computing time (negligible in this instance of course), but if you had a LONG/complex array… any insights?

  26. LordStarBlue Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial !

  27. Lemon Avatar

    nvm, forgot the liver and tongue.. :p

  28. Lemon Avatar

    head knees shoulders toes lol first here

  29. Moby - Avatar

    Why assign the sorted array to a new variable

  30. TheTwannii Avatar

    Yes and penis and back and hair and so on too, if he should've named all..

  31. Hamp khat Avatar

    where is butt thats also a bp

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