Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 39 – Accessing Form Elements

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24 responses to “Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 39 – Accessing Form Elements”

  1. Murat Cecen Avatar

    In one of your last XHTML Tutorials you said, that the name of the elemnts are going to be importaint for Javascript… now I watched 39 Tutorials just to see this, because I wanted to know why It's importaint 😀

  2. SILVER Avatar

    im watching this on 144p

    i lied.

  3. Mr ÇETİNKAYA Avatar

    yahoo son of a bitchh


    i think document.buckyForm.username should be document.buckyForm.Username

  5. Prakash Besra Avatar

    to get username , use js keyword 'value'.
    var user=document.forms[0].elements[0].value; or var user=document.getElementById(id_name).value;

  6. Kishan Mahadevwala Avatar

    I know how to access a form pretty cool huh! :v

  7. George Fikri Avatar

    and instead of accessing element name can we use ID or Class in the same way ??

  8. manish maharjan Avatar

    how to set the width n height of the box and color the text…reply asap.

  9. SnowAtNight Avatar

    Pretty cool huh? bucky ur the best 😉

  10. yang22kaka Avatar

    Bucky…Ur the best. Thanks a lot.

  11. Swapnil Sonsurkar Avatar

    this one is not working

  12. Brandon Mullan Avatar

    Thanks for all the help, Bucky!

  13. Shahriar Rahman Avatar

    why do we need both name & type? can someone please explain?

  14. Gyanender Singhle Avatar

    thanks bucky for your free tutorial…u r really a good guy….

  15. Faveros Gema Avatar

    liked it for da array pun

  16. Luke Roche Avatar

    These videos I breezed through in 3 hours because I already knew java

  17. Practice Repeat Avatar

    It is just more simple or simpler.

  18. Georgi Georgiev Avatar

    Thank you very much.
    GOD keep you.

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