Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 7 – Using Parameters with Functions

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46 responses to “Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 7 – Using Parameters with Functions”

  1. The Omni King Avatar

    setInterval(function(){console.log("this guy teach like pro")}, 200;

  2. HybridFlu Avatar

    I learned more from Bucky than Treehouse.

  3. Jashan Cheema Avatar

    just went to watch
    "good will hunting" in between

  4. Mazen for hacks and entertainment Avatar

    Fahrenheit to celsius not to calculus

  5. User Avatar

    So the variable (x) is a data holder for meatball?

  6. It's me Katie Avatar

    Thanks a lot! I have my exam on Monday and this helped a lot!

  7. Domagoj maher Ahmedovski Avatar

    You are the best, even my teacher in colledge didn't teach me javascript so easy like you, stay simple and funny and you will help everyone

  8. Pln Mkl Avatar

    I would have liked to see the result on a web page

  9. Clifton100 Avatar

    Even though it's 5+ years old, this guy explains javascript functions better than anyone else. Thanks, dude.

  10. Next X Avatar

    Can someone help me? Why not use the variable instead? Use it in the function I mean.

  11. nobody nobody Avatar

    when you said good will hunting , my mind went to your channel name .HEy u r from boston. 🙂

  12. kenneth 92 Avatar

    You should already know this if you know java or c++ unless this is your first time learning a programming language.

  13. Kajus Avatar

    I also love "Protman" 😀 love your videos bro, keep up the great work!

  14. preruspb Avatar


    How can I call the same function as a value for attribute onclick of a button ?

    The below code isn't working

    <input type="button" value="Click here" onclick="meatball("bacon")" />

    Can some body please explain how to call parameterzed functions from html buttons?

  15. Lon W. Avatar

    This is really neat stuff, +bucky roberts. Wowzers.

  16. Cynthia Hu Avatar

    Really awesome tutorial… but you spelled Natalie Portman wrong! "Protman" 😀

  17. Piano Pov Avatar

    Great tutorial dude!

  18. Emmanuel Jnr Avatar

    I get it but why not just use variable e.g.
    x= "meatballs"
    alert ("i love" + ×);

    somebody please explain.

  19. Ryanssd Avatar

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>JavaScript TEST</title>

    <script type ="text/javascript">
    function Yes(x){
    alert("i love " + x);






    the alert is not popping up :/

  20. thaneros Avatar

    I hope you do a series on Google Adwords and Analytics one day

  21. Diogo Lima Avatar

    and this guys is how anoying adds are created xD

  22. YN CUBER Avatar

    Why do you talk about eating so much??

  23. Nouriel Zacharias Avatar

    Thanks man, u are a great teacher

  24. Andy Chen Avatar

    Thank you, Bucky!

  25. omer abbas Avatar

    the temperature thing was not a great example

  26. duo317 Avatar

    Thank you so much, this helps a ton!

  27. SquidMannn | Redstone Master Avatar

    How can I call a function with parameters in a button? I tried escaping the quotes because i did onclick="funky("hello")"

  28. Lloyd Athill Avatar

    temperature to calculus

  29. Christian Elena Avatar

    BUcky you are the man!!!

  30. sravani sri ramoji Avatar

    once i click on a button its not display the alert message. 

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function funky(x)
     alret("ouch!!!!!!!!!!" + x);
    <input type="button" value="click here" onclick="funky()">

  31. Amit Jha Avatar

    <script type="text/javascript">
    document.write("Hello World!");
    </html> – this is the shortest JavaScript program

  32. Alex Wohlbruck Avatar

    Fahrenheit to calculus I'm dying

  33. Sameer Avatar

    I am just liking all your videos. Bcoz all are useful. Thanks for teaching us for free. ^_^

  34. Troy Knox Avatar

    function meatball (x) {
            alert ("I really love " + x)

           meatball ("the way you teach Javascript, many thanks!");
           meatball ("your tutorials, you have a great teaching style.");

  35. ThePhoxProject Avatar

    if(information.ComesFrom() = TheNewBoston | ForDummies | Google)                       {

  36. TheGoldenMiner Avatar

    Doesn't work can you just tell us how this fits into a script?

  37. Vicky Mukherjee Avatar

    Very very very technical tutorial. Thanks!!!

  38. Zoran Kozina Avatar

    What if I only wanted the alerts to pop up when I press the button? I write some different parametres in, and make the form element outside the script, and then it just pops them up immediately (I guess just because it sees it in the code, when I actually meant that just to declare what the parameter of the function is.) And then it doesn't even pop it up when I press the  button! What do I do? And how do I put stuff in the parametre without actually writing it in the code where it's like instructing the program to pop it up?

  39. Soumya Darshan Rauth Avatar

    Bucky, you are great !!!

  40. Leslie Limon Avatar

    How can you make a conversion with a function? For instance, ounces to cups using parseInt() or parseFloat().

  41. Conundrum 241 Avatar

    Warning! Do not view these tutorials while consuming Marijuana. It will induce a severe case of munchies.

  42. Savatix Avatar

    Farenheight to calculous XD Bucky, I feel for ya

  43. Conor McGregor Avatar

    Hey Bucky, i have no idea what's going on.

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