Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 9 – The return Statement

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25 responses to “Beginner JavaScript Tutorial – 9 – The return Statement”

  1. zavos ire Avatar

    how is it different from
    function add(a,b){
    var c=a+b;

  2. cat lady Avatar

    The 13 dislikes are from his competitors

  3. Øath Betrayer Avatar

    Are these videos still relevant in 2017?

  4. failgecko9800 Avatar

    how can i hack a gmail account with javascript i have seen people do it before, Btw great Video Keep up the good work!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Shubhra Agarwal Avatar

    oh wow thank you so much! i finally understand how this is used!!

  6. ali ` Avatar

    It's easy for me because I already learn about c++ and c and this Javascript is just like them, so if you want to learn Javascript you have to watch the c++ and c playlist to have a background about java and Javascript.

  7. asad rayyan Avatar

    Python Developers Be Like: I knew this, millions of years ago. 😀

  8. Typical Monkey Avatar

    Then why don't you just print it out instead of returning it, and THEN printing it out?

  9. shayan parvini Avatar

    What if we want to have multiple return values?

  10. Giannis Theodorakopoulos Avatar

    Your function's result does cleary have something to do with this tutorial (number 9). Very nice tutorials. Thank you.

  11. Kuya Waha Avatar

    i am just thinking why you have 13 dislike if this video you made is great and easy to understand?? thumbs up for those people who loves this awesome tutorial! 🙂

  12. ILusioN Avatar

    nai nai nai nai nai

  13. vinit shrivastava Avatar

    learning javascript is real fun with your wonderful tutorials….thanks!!!

  14. mark busch nielsen Avatar

    Great tutorial, you make it extremely easy to understand, by breaking it down like that ! Thanks man.

  15. Braelyn Havard Avatar

    what kind of software need to install ??

  16. austin moyer Avatar

    why would you use parameters when variables are better? or am i not understanding parameters right? it seems like its doing the same job as a variable but more convoluted? i have a super basic background in java script so parameters are new to me.

  17. CodingTuts Avatar

    can't you just do:
    function add(a,b) {
         var c = a+b;


    i dont understand why you need to use the return 🙁 can someone pls help me understand it, thanks 🙂

  18. maxgunfire02 Avatar

    Hey I'm trying to make a simple calculator using prompt in javascript but I can't get the math part to work can anyone help?

  19. sanbastion Avatar

    Easy to understand. Appreciate it!

  20. Pranav Bedre Avatar

    thanks for the video, very helpful

  21. yo feren Avatar

    this is really teach me what is a return. Thanks

  22. TeazER Scorpio Avatar

    you can do it like

    function Maths (ans){
     Maths (21+22) 

    is'nt it easier

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