Beginner PHP Tutorial – 10 – print

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30 responses to “Beginner PHP Tutorial – 10 – print”

  1. Hayk Baghdasaryan Avatar

    Hi there,I am Alex from PHP Academy.

  2. Ömer BAYRAK Avatar

    guys in order to develop web application, do we need to know very well html ? I am asking this question now but I guess i am going to find answer in next tutorials 🙂 i am not patient

  3. Hashim Aziz Avatar

    10 down, 190 to go!

  4. Greg Small Avatar

    "if you wanted to be really petty" I lold

  5. BestRemixesOnlyVol3 Avatar

    Wow! This tutorial is great! Thanks man!

  6. Dookie Duuk Avatar

    damn british accent

  7. Gyanender Singhle Avatar

    should i need to learn sql first before this

  8. Tamas Mujnoi Avatar

    sloppy explanation, the main difference between the echo and print is that with echo you can output multiple strings, while with print you're unable. ex echo 'Hello', ' ', 'World', '!'; with print you have to concatanate your strings
    a second difference is that print has a return value

  9. denmark de vera Avatar

    after following him and other tutorials, I learned that "print" keyword allows only one value or argument to be shown. Unlike in echo, it allows multiple value in a single echoing.

  10. paedgr Avatar

    Actually return value of print = 1. Return value of echo = null. Not too important if you're just starting to learn php, but can be important later on.

  11. Bash Bdee Avatar

    lol ive been programming using C++ and C# , This is Child's play,

  12. Donald Timpson Avatar

    Some of your videos randomly skip when you play the entire playlist. 

  13. TheBlueGalaxy Avatar

    People don't try to be programers if you don't understand just a simple print FFS

  14. Echosphere88 Avatar

    Neither echo or print outputs are working, I always get a blank page. Anyone has any suggestions?

  15. Thaulopi Avatar

    Object not found. Where do start the page, how do I start the page

  16. TheForgottenEdge Avatar

    lol first video 300k views and 10th already 57k so many gave up..I just love these thenewboston tutorials,thank you so much Alex and Bucky 🙂

  17. mafiafattony Avatar

    Speak like a man, and get to the point ffs

  18. Thianro Uklian Avatar

    Nice tutorial again. Love the voice.

  19. Nesatur Avatar

    So, if you are from America, then you speak American?:D
    Let's stay with British.

  20. Sam Ismail Avatar

    LOL love the way you say "refresh"

  21. MITLOML Avatar

    Wow. You're a douche. People like you don't even deserve a girlfriend.

  22. EruditeTheory Avatar

    I want a girlfriend that Speaks with an accent as strong as yours! I would trade my current female for her!

  23. bmgag19 Avatar

    thank you. this the first useful comment i read. this is more useful than the video

  24. bmgag19 Avatar

    i still really dont see the difference between print and echo

  25. DeathSeeker512 Avatar

    print is a little slower than echo, however echo has a void return type, where as print has a return type of 1 and echo can output more than one string, sepperated by commas
    echo "hello", "world";
    and you can use print as
    if (print "lol") { do stuff }

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