Beginner PHP Tutorial – 13 – comments

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49 responses to “Beginner PHP Tutorial – 13 – comments”

  1. keep PC safe Avatar

    hey you are legend man good tutorial ever i have seen

  2. Abubakar Mushtaq Rizvi Avatar

    Great work Alex……! nd
    bucky we missing you…..

  3. Pedro MR Avatar

    I miss bucky. JK, you're all right too, but you don't refer to bacon as often

  4. Robin Blaauw Avatar

    i absolutely love the videos, good, clear way of going through the language

  5. tao wang Avatar


  6. D. Refaeli Avatar

    Nice vids man, and I like your thoroughness (though I do put it in x1.25 speed for my own sake 😛 )! Kudos!

  7. Husnain Mushtaq Avatar

    Or simply put # in the beginning to write one liner comment.

    #This is a comment.

  8. Danan Joyo Avatar

    Wow, this guy can mute police's sirens with php

  9. Orkish Avatar

    these videos are TOO SLOW

  10. Danial khan Avatar

    why doesn't it comment out of the php?

  11. zulkeple zaini Avatar

    i love this php…^_^ need more video

  12. Luke Chen Shui Avatar

    We need to show more appreciation for how thoroughly Alex explains stuff

  13. Elarchi Brahim Avatar

    I have a medium level in C language ( if not beginner ) 
    And I HARDLY advice ANYONE who doesn't  know how to code in C.. To go learn C first.. 

    If you're Good at C.. PHP would be way MUCH MUCH MUCH EASIER FOR YOU

  14. James Alphonse Avatar

    All of you assholes are complaining that he took the time out of his day to make a 4 minute video of something useful for programming and explaining WHY it's useful. You'd be complaining if he just flew by at the speed of light and didn't explain things completely as well. Make up your damn mind, do you like in-depth, intelligent teaching processes? Or do you just want to half-ass your education and only have a tenuous grasp (at best) of what you are doing so you can rush out some god-awful ill-coded website? Be patient.

  15. Monkey D. Luffy Avatar

    i laughed when i remembered someone wrote a comment in the first episode that this guy is better than bucky in teaching.

  16. Danny Ryan Avatar

    Screw this. I'm going to Pluralsight.

  17. AnonWarrior Avatar

    i read the top comments during the ads 😐

  18. Hugo Barroca Avatar

    If bucky had typed that:
    "Usse wcho labgfsuae conturct to output teh text "Helol world." to the borswer". "

  19. 3mmakGaMrAH Avatar

    Took one episode to explain how to write "//"

  20. Cj Vaans Avatar

    What did Alex do to make the police go after him?

  21. Mike Smith Avatar

    Stop selling DRUGS THEN LOL!

  22. William Slatton Avatar

    Not another hello world…

  23. Nagisa Furukawa Avatar

    he put the date as my birth date

  24. shenglongx Avatar

    alex from the hood haha cop siren should become ur intro music

  25. William Abboud Avatar

    WOW the police is after you again Alex

  26. Alex Smith Avatar

    lol @ police sirens

  27. Dankest Elf Avatar

    a little slow.. but at least it isn't flying by too fast 🙂

  28. cadij CJ Avatar

    you get arrested during this tutorial

  29. Evgeny Vasilyev Avatar

    I started to disable adblock, because of people like you, who allow for me to learn these things for free.

  30. Rijin Mk Avatar

    its just a guy i suppose o.O

  31. gedq Avatar

    you don't ftp anything with html and css. If you mean how do you upload it then it goes up in the exact same way as any other web resource into the exact same folders. It should execute from the same locations as your html and css files.

  32. IMinencraft Avatar

    Theres one thing I dont get….
    How do I actually put this thing on the web? I can see it but how do other people see it? How do I FTP this thing with my HTML and CSS?

  33. Curtis Coburn Avatar

    Comments are critical. Should use them a lot while learning, so it will be like taking notes. If you are saving every file as something different, you can easily come back to the code so you know what you need help on. Ya Digg?

  34. Murtaza2501 Avatar

    Dude, you ruined it!

  35. syed samiuddin Avatar

    // this a comment.. suckers
    */ this a comment*/

  36. Tmmy L Avatar

    So are there going to be 200 folders?

  37. RandomlyEssential Avatar

    I LOVE how you explain everything! Most every time I have a question either right away or by the end of the video I have my answers!

  38. BlkJ19 Avatar

    I just want to know how do I add a review feature to my web site

  39. Faustodc Avatar

    Why are you excusing yourself?

  40. jjaxco Avatar

    The order you are going about this in is *really* strange, but good work

  41. JakobMillah Avatar

    These guys are THE best. I mean.. We just have to wait until all the schoools have to shut down because everybody will sit at home watching these videos and learn 100x more than they would have done in school!

  42. Digitxs Avatar

    *sirens* *stop* "So what I've done is…" Hahahaha

  43. MrLangam Avatar

    I heard the police..

  44. jdog90000 Avatar

    @empeypat 21:12:00, I have them all in a playlist so it shows the total time 😀

  45. TheGeekUnit Avatar

    @empeypat I meant 33 hours , Each video is ranged from 3 mins to 10 mins , so no one will get an acurate reading unless they go through them one by one so i did , 10mins x 200 vids % 60mins gave me an average amount of hours

  46. TheGeekUnit Avatar

    @empeypat i tried working it out , either 3 hours or 3 hours:L

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