Beginner PHP Tutorial – 152 – SQL Injection Part 2

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7 responses to “Beginner PHP Tutorial – 152 – SQL Injection Part 2”

  1. AriKat Avatar

    yes i got to 152 few,

  2. Hack Smile Avatar

    This is great… Thanks the man from THENEWBOSTON……

  3. Edgars Ritmanis Avatar

    Hello my fellow traveler, I wish you the wisdom and patience to complete the 200 with only 48 vids left.

  4. Peristilo peris Avatar

    After 152 tutorials, we are all true survivors. Let's not give up now, my friends! This epic journey is about to end. We will be rewarded somehow.

  5. Elmir Kouliev Avatar

    only four comments?

  6. Zhuoyan Xu Avatar

    somehow views going up a little bit for this video. Thanks alex.

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