Beginner PHP Tutorial – 176 – Auto Suggest Application Part 2

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10 responses to “Beginner PHP Tutorial – 176 – Auto Suggest Application Part 2”

  1. Aysha Kamal Avatar

    i believe not much people, who started this series, could get to the end of this 😐

  2. Trebz Avatar

    Only 8 comments? Damn…

  3. Gabszyztyle Cordero Avatar

    Only 7 comments? Damn…

  4. Lawrence Bensaid Avatar

    Only 6 comments? Damn…

  5. Xemnas1244 Avatar

    Only 5 comments? Damn…

  6. Edgars Ritmanis Avatar

    Only 4 comments? Damn…

  7. Matt R Avatar

    I followed your code and for some reason it never goes into the findmatch function or below the script tag.
    do I need to include something for the javascript to work? I did a echo 'hello';
    below both said areas and nothing is printed

  8. xXxBladeStormxXx Avatar

    No he's not you moron. Be grateful and get lost if your not understanding it.

  9. sutistalica Avatar

    okies i think i got many things that i found difficult in previous tuts..

  10. Ejaz Karim Avatar

    you're repeating same tutorial again and again..

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