Beginner PHP Tutorial – 184 – POSTing Data Part 5

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9 responses to “Beginner PHP Tutorial – 184 – POSTing Data Part 5”

  1. Md. Ikramur Rashid Shagor Avatar

    This code, can't detect "SPACE". Can anyone help me which things/code/function I should apply or arrange here so that it can detect the "SPACE" and count this text area as empty if user type only "SPACE" in this text box.

  2. Armbreakfire Avatar

    If the user hits the Enter button instead of clicking Submit, it doesn't work. Anyone know how to resolve this?

  3. zanpaktuh Avatar

    Duh! Are we watching the same tutorials? Fucking gay ass noob acting all like a smartass.

  4. FFWDEntertainment Avatar

    ….for those of you who arnt that creative , this would be a great start to allowing users to comment on something or allowing a logged in user to update fields inside of a profile .

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