Beginner PHP Tutorial – 191 – Return a Property Value

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17 responses to “Beginner PHP Tutorial – 191 – Return a Property Value”

  1. Prakash Besra Avatar

    $this represents the current instance of the class.You can create more than one instance of the same class and if at any point of time, you pick up one of those instances then $this will be associated with the instance you have picked up at that moment.

  2. ihab s Avatar

    You are amazing man should be a teacher

  3. Kim Jong-un Avatar

    im just 15 ye old but all the other oop tuts were explained shitty now i finally understand why it is so handy thanks youre my hero!

  4. Nel Ca Avatar

    Great tutorial! I just wanted to have a clearer understanding of how functions,classes and this public,private and protected thing actually works since they were poorly explained in w3shools. But I've always wondered about that "$this".
    Thank you.

  5. Mark Rayne Avatar

    none of this is working for me I even copied all of this code

  6. Domingo Bagalacsa Avatar

    Good job! nice tutorial

  7. mark ptak Avatar

    Alex ….you do an excellent job. Thank you.

  8. john mart belamide Avatar

    I remember my C# class.

  9. Clark Vincent Enriquez Avatar

    I remember those c++ days…. bad thing all those codes had already been removed Y.Y

  10. Dan Johnson Avatar

    OOP shit just got real

  11. Itay Karo Avatar

    watch the second and the thired php tutorial

  12. mtotho Avatar

    The browser isnt the issue. It needs to be installed on the server in which the web page exists. If this is your own computer with windows, google "WAMP" and install it. Fairly straight forward. If you are on linux then "LAMP"

  13. Novica Vukobratovic Avatar

    Great for let's say displaying all the user info on his profile when he logs in. All the data can be stored in the base,then we create a class named DisplayUserInfo (example) and inside of it we create different functions for each of his info and just call them where we want to.

  14. hohoyun Avatar

    good explanation

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