Beginner PHP Tutorial – 2 – Installing XAMPP Part 1

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27 responses to “Beginner PHP Tutorial – 2 – Installing XAMPP Part 1”

  1. mohdfaizulezmin Avatar

    mmmmm sorry but i simply cant understand……. why not not bucky…. why?

  2. suman shrestha Avatar

    sir , i am starting to learn php programming language.would you help me to learn this language easily.

  3. cixlo Avatar

    I trust new boston but this has age…… I might come back.


    can any one share his/her email id? I have queries which i want to ask who having good php knowledge..plz

  5. Samved Joshi Avatar

    +buckyroberts is the best

  6. OneManShow94 [GOT] Avatar

    sett the video speed to 1.25 and thank me later

  7. حنسافر Avatar

    can php connect to any website or url and make someprocess to such website for example connecting to faceboon and
    extract members details or add member to a specific facebook group
    if so i hope you guide me to the tutorial that explains how to perform such project and if not i hope you guide me to this programming language that is able to do this so i can check some tutorials about it and how to do it
    Thank you

  8. Suyash Shrivastava Avatar

    british accent is my favourite

  9. Alexandru Tudoran Avatar

    from 1.200.000 views to 426.202 real quick

  10. Radovan Andjelic Avatar

    Im just starting to program so I need to know if you can have a server on my machine without xampp. I have instaled MySQL phpmyadmin and php on my device, do I really need to install this thing as well ?

  11. Tarun Bale Avatar

    i want bucky roberts to teach this 🙁

  12. Akash Barwat Avatar

    local host page dosent open says service unavailable ,my college internet uses proxy server…..

  13. TOP10INDIA Avatar

    localhost page doesn't open, tried everything found over the internet regarding that

  14. vignesh mallya Avatar

    Its soo boring to listen to this guy after watching bucky s tutorials 🙁

  15. saajan maharjan Avatar

    very very very very very very very boring speaking style

  16. PHPOcean Avatar

    For those who need more motivation here is 15 reasons you should learn PHP:

  17. Vengeance a Avatar

    nice tutorial but plz British guy do sth with this annoying accent we need the brutal american english with all this fucking slangs

  18. Hassan Malik Avatar

    too much chatter chatter chatter … and chatter… get to the point QUICK

  19. DeveloperLimit Avatar

    xampp is the best web server application for php

  20. Platwn Ace Avatar

    how to install xampp: 1. on windows format C:
    2. on linux install apache and php

  21. Josh Kim Avatar

    you're not BuckyRoberts!

  22. Izzaldin Samir Avatar

    I have Ubuntu so I just apply this tutorial from Ubuntu official website 🙂 Apache and MySQL and PHP.

  23. Raymissa Wukfy Avatar

    You sound like Ramsay Snow (lol). Good tutorial though

  24. Red Eyez Avatar

    Hi! i downloaded xampp as you said but the apache wo'nt start! it says "Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies, improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method." please help!

  25. AheezyFamilyVlog Avatar

    Finally gets the ball rolling around 2:51 of the 2nd video lmao

  26. Jitesh Sinha Avatar

    Its a good tutorial, thanks for preparing

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