Beginner PHP Tutorial – 22 – Arithmetic Operators

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35 responses to “Beginner PHP Tutorial – 22 – Arithmetic Operators”

  1. macha lismos Avatar

    alex ur explanation to many talking shit

  2. Harith Perera Avatar

    can anyone explain about pre increment also??

  3. Dean Urschel Avatar

    ya i have done a lot c++ so this is abit long.

  4. fares57 Avatar

    Mind this though: VAR++ is NOT just adding 1 to that VAR!
    It means : RETURN this variable and THEN add 1!
    while ++VAR is : ADD 1 and THEN return!

    $var = 5
    echo "$var1++" /prints out 5 and THEN adds 1!
    echo "$var1" /prints out 6!

    $var = 5
    echo "++$var1" /prints out 6, cause it added 1 BEFORE returning the value
    echo "$var1" /prints out 6 again.

  5. pavew ew Avatar

    Great tutorials its great to go trough every single step slowly. Not everyone knows thees things.

  6. tehpson Avatar

    This is just basic math

  7. tehpson Avatar

    Is not ^ inside php?

  8. vladomaimun Avatar

    This tutorial is clearly aimed at people with no experience in programming. For a person who already knows a programming language watching a 9 minute explanation of arithmetic operators is a pain.

  9. Jobake Avatar

    9 minutes tutorial! you're pushing your luck sir 😛

  10. Ahmed Saleem Avatar

    He always forgets to echo out 😀
    Great tutorials. Keep up the good work!

  11. Ryan Anthony Avatar

    Knowing Java is really paying off in these tutorials…

  12. *..SURAZ..*|LET'S PLAY Avatar

    Am i the only one who could load all of his videos on 480p even if my internet is very slow?

  13. Monkey D. Luffy Avatar

    @kevin sheppard you've red books about php but you're still stuck with basics

  14. Jose Luna Avatar

    Tell me about it lol

  15. Mike Smith Avatar

    GO read a teleprompter!! B.O= BASTARD OPERATOR!!

  16. xxuhixx Avatar

    yeah.. uhm, i was referring to his username.. i knew his comment was no joke.

  17. movie627 Avatar

    You sir, doesn't know what trolling is…

  18. William Abboud Avatar

    2 people failed Math class

  19. treckoreborn Avatar

    They lose hope. LOL!

  20. Computergenimrel Avatar

    Reading as a human … so all people with just a little understanding for math has already lost their humanity .. 😛

  21. BiggestTrollAlive42 Avatar

    Great tutorials and all, but I feel like it's going extremely slowly forward. It's as if you explain these things within your other videos already and then make a video explaining it yet again.

  22. Ralph Schraven Avatar

    If (Number_BookReads > 1) {
    echo 'WHY are you then watching simple beginner vids?!' }
    else {
    echo 'You were lying. That's even worse…' }

  23. iskalabatoto Avatar

    yea this is i beginner im looking forward to encounter creating sites + database tru mysql at the same time 🙂

  24. Jason Azayev Avatar

    2 people could not keep along with this awesome video

  25. HammockerSam Avatar

    With the overall views going down on every video, I wonder how many there are at the last one :/

  26. Arul Rajesh G Avatar

    Awesome videos…

    on the modulus thing at 00:49 you say "modulus of 3 and 10 or 10 and 3 would equal to 1", but in fact 3%10=3 and 10%3=1

  27. Jaden Paul Avatar

    Actually the 80% the first video had 200k views compared to this video which has 25k

  28. Will Bonda Avatar

    If you've made it this far congratulations. You're not part of the 50% who gave up!

  29. bikash kumar Avatar

    superb vedios….keep it up newboston

  30. 2025Lax Avatar

    Alex always forget to echo out~~~

  31. Arkl1te Avatar

    you can do $number += 5 to increment by the number you desire (five in this case).

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