Beginner PHP Tutorial – 30 – Basic Functions

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34 responses to “Beginner PHP Tutorial – 30 – Basic Functions”

  1. Leno Marin Avatar

    Thanks for the videos. These are great 'bite sized' clips.

  2. Ferdi kurt Avatar

    i noticed in some comments that php is very similar to java se.Yeah if you already get knowledge about java then learning php or javascript will not be difficult so much.Thanks for tutorials brother.

  3. BE Tech Avatar

    heloh theyr and im ALAX and im creating this php tutuuriale for the now BOSTAN 

  4. DostLP Avatar

    In the playlist it jumps from 29 to 44 instead of here to 30…

  5. Janis L. Avatar

    This is 100% same as in javascript.Why?

  6. treckoreborn Avatar

    Can you use code that is in the function outside of it? I've noticed that if I created a variable inside the function, it is unknown outside of it.

  7. Elgoldy Avatar

    He sounds like Marcus from the movie "The watch" or neighbor hood watch

  8. Sures Thambuthurai Avatar

    yeah! i thought i was the only one who thought that 🙂

  9. Mike Smith Avatar

    DR. KRANE SAIDS: xaHOB russian black hat!

  10. A Grand Angry Funk Avatar

    cant you please add punctuation I mean it makes your comments easier to read for everyone so they dont have to figure out where your sentences are supposed to end thank you

  11. 0wner03 Avatar

    you don't need to end it in javascript

  12. Roy Avatar

    function is a block..Its not a end of can rite a function in a single line…so thats why yoou dont need to use ;

  13. EpicAglet Avatar

    I can be used for educational purposes though. I usually learn stuff by nicking someone else his code and messing around with it before writing my own.

  14. Evgeny Vasilyev Avatar

    PHP doesn't show up on the source… soo all the code you copied, isnt actualy all of the code…

    BTW I know this is 1 year old coment..

  15. DaSchwa Avatar

    Now that you mention it, those sirens may be the firetrucks coming to put out the all the fires.
    Thank you for making this experience far more enjoyable for me.

  16. Kyle Preiksa Avatar

    Does anyone think he sounds a LOT like moss from the IT crowd?!

  17. zanpaktuh Avatar

    I don't know about C++ but in Javascript, the semicolon is not required after the closing curly braces.

  18. Batfan1939 Avatar

    Why don't functions require a semicolon after the closing curly brace like in C++ and Javascript?

  19. gedq Avatar

    but stealing someone's design is just sad and a great way of making yourself look like a dick on the net.

  20. Sumit Ghulyani Avatar

    u bcum a month old too …..even smarter i guess by now ….

  21. Sumit Ghulyani Avatar

    my Never Look Back journey from tutorial 44 to 31 ….. :/ ….

  22. Ринат Ханов Avatar

    Hey, you just wrote me /
    And this is crazy /
    But I'm a function /
    So call me, maybe

  23. Vincent O'Neil Avatar

    Code "re-use" is usually permitted provided the author allows it, usually with some copyright notice giving credit to the original author

  24. Steve Achieves Avatar

    i am at 40ish atm. best of luck to you.

  25. Steve Achieves Avatar

    you need to echo and use a semi colon ; at the end of the echo and after that call the function and end with a semi colon 😀 Hopefully this is helpfull since your comment is over 1 month old.


    (your function that contains the echo of elName)

    echo 'My name is ';

  26. billy bob Avatar

    why can't you be original ?

  27. Digitaria Global Avatar

    What about naming conventions and structure?

  28. Warden Avatar

    Bucky can't count.

  29. airkami Avatar

    @Mastersun88 check out (that's the web address) it will give you a whole new perspective on layout design. It will take some practice, but when you're done you'll have a website that can look like any website you want, and anyone who doesn't like it can jog on or piss off.

  30. iinsanebaby Avatar

    One person needs to exit && || die;

  31. galaxyarnold Avatar

    @Mastersun88 havent tried the tool but basically u cant get any of their php code

  32. passtheyoggurt Avatar

    @Mastersun88 dont steal code.

  33. MastersunTutorials Avatar

    @bowersbros ok because I want my site layout to look like rhettandlink's website you probably know who they are as they are really popular here on youtube and I tried stealing some of the code from the site because I have this plugin for google chrome called web development tools and I can inspect the elements and resources and look at the code but it still is not coming in all the way I just want my layout like theirs but with my look that I created in photoshop.

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