Beginner PHP Tutorial – 43 – include_once and require_once

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24 responses to “Beginner PHP Tutorial – 43 – include_once and require_once”

  1. Roshan Krishna Avatar

    who else is playing this at 1.25??

  2. Anshul Bisht Avatar

    Tutorial No. 44 missing

  3. Nishant Kalra Avatar

    dont know why people are praising him for. these tuts are not good. but they are all we have got, at least for beginners :/

  4. Emmanuel Kumaku Avatar

    Best tutorials so far on php. Thank you very much for this good work.

  5. Ori Wiesel Avatar

    if you're writing

    require 'something';
    if (!defined ('something');
         require 'something';

    it'll happened twice not once, it's a mistake.

  6. Tanuj Nayanam Avatar

    Observation: Even in below case the output comes just once.

    <h1> Tanuj's Page</h1>

    require_once '';
    include_once '';

    Tanuj's Page   ( Just once)

  7. V. Peters Avatar

    …. I like all video's very much!

  8. MsAgent89 Avatar

    include_once may be used in cases where the same file might be included and evaluated more than once during a particular execution of a script, so in this case it may help avoid problems such as function redefinitions, variable value reassignments, etc.

  9. MsAgent89 Avatar

    I think that the reason is that if you include a function twice it will produce an error

  10. bigfuzzydog Avatar

    who are the four idiots that thumbs down this video? There must be four villages that are missing their idiots.

  11. movie627 Avatar

    If you write lots of codes, it's a good idea to use it 🙂

  12. Kar Tune Avatar

    hi im sorry if i'm a bit slow, but can u give a quick explanation (no need for a video, just a text response is fine) of a time where you'd rather use "include" instead of "include_once" or require/require_once? Thanks a lot!!!

  13. Jshulman1995 Avatar

    Still dont understand. Is it for if you accidentally include something twice?

  14. Joross Barredo Avatar

    It is so definable that people who dont value the worth of PHP are not COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS 🙂

  15. Jason Hughes Avatar

    @thesickbeat WTF do you think wordpress runs on and thus requires knowledge of to "pimp" out. It runs on php.

  16. Umair Ahmed Avatar

    those who dislike it are complete jabronies
    Like it if ya agree

  17. Zhuoyan Xu Avatar

    @mosle123 There are 200 videos mate, not every one have the patient. Some noob went to 5 or 6 just give up.

  18. Nahiyan Alamgir Avatar

    I am wondering why your tutorials have so low views? It should have about 100k views. 1k = 1000

  19. hohoyun Avatar

    thanks for explaining this, my company uses the include_once structure for their pages, and i never knew how it works, now i know

  20. Juan Pujol Avatar

    Thanks a lot for the tutorials, i'm enjoying them xD

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