beginners fantasy manipulation tutorial photoshop | photo effects [ Episode 5 ]

this photoshop tutorial shows how to do basic photo manipulation in photoshop.
-this is a beginner to intermediate photoshop tutorial And this tutorial also shows how to do some basic effects and tricks.
-it can be followed in any version of photoshop


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and as always thanks for watching and if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments.






26 responses to “beginners fantasy manipulation tutorial photoshop | photo effects [ Episode 5 ]”

  1. Zeyna Amazonlu Avatar

    hey bıg fan of yr tuts thanx as usual… but can u pls tell me how ı can go abt gettıng fıles that r easy to remove ımages from bkgr lıke the one provıded ın thıs tut ( eg lady image ). Sure as hell ıt can b really tıme consumıng ..or perhaps ıs there a partıcular fıle that can ıt be converted to . to make thıs process easier thanx m8

  2. doitlikeayoub Avatar

    When i try to do the same as you, dragging the photo of the girl in the background, the green screen is coming with it… Why? And how do i fix it

  3. Imène Kebaili Avatar


  4. Ashwin Ask Avatar

    I am learning a lot day by day…thank you mate….ur awesome and the download links are very helpful…your tutorials are so graet

  5. Cuppcak3 Ninja Avatar

    couldn't you also just make a shape of the bottom of her dress and guassian blur to create the shadow?

  6. Luna Moon Avatar

    Omg! This tutorial is amazing, thank you so much!! 😀
    I have learned so much from this tutorial and other tutorials on your channel, I have looked long and hard for a tutorial that can help me learn how to do photo manipulations and then I came across this video and Voila! I'm so thankful for finding this video! 😀 <3

    Subbed! 😀

  7. Marco Kenderes Avatar

    My outcome here:
    I want to thank you man for this tutorial, it helped a lot! PEACE!

  8. The Protector Avatar

    When i drag the girl in, the whole background comes with it. Any help?

  9. lol whittingham Avatar

    Your too hard to understand…..if you slowed down ,then all your words would not merge into one big word…..was the house on fire when you were recording this ? you obviously know your Photoshop, … turn on the 'subtitles' and see what you are actually saying .

  10. Patryk Avatar

    Usefull tutorial!!

  11. Buffy Hen Avatar

    This is great. Thank you so much! Please do more vintage/ modern vintage tutorials.

  12. Lisa Maier Avatar

    I loved this tutorial! Thank you so, so much, you did a fantastic job! I learned so much, and PLEASE make a few more. 🙂 🙂 🙂 AWESOME. I cannot believe people made comments about your English. I think your English is great, and I love the way you pronounce some words :). I also wished more people would have really appreciated this tutorial and all the time you put into it to help others. Truly thank you.

  13. Erastaar Avatar

    How did you move her, like the zoom and out in photoshop cc?

  14. CompLex Studio Avatar

    This is awesome thanks so much man! =)

  15. Giuseppe Bosco Avatar

    il tuo inglese è una vergogna!!

  16. whanauli Avatar

    Can you post the link to download the girl and back ground please!!

  17. Hemppa13 Avatar

    ss..SSS…SS..Show..letS go sssssssssssss s s s s s sss

  18. אמיר עויס Avatar

    Man your eng is like shit but you are the best ever i love you man keep it up , best photoshoper ever!

  19. Glyn Shuttleworth Avatar

    Thank you for making this video.

  20. Cathy Neary Avatar

    Thank you! 😀 <3

  21. NapsterES Avatar

    Real awesome, learned some tricks on this one. thumbs up

  22. Fawaz Gamer Avatar

    Actually i was searching for tutorials just like this one, am really happy that i find what i want thanks 🙂

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