Better Page & Post Formatting In WordPress

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sometimes wordpress formats pages and post poorly or just strips out line breaks and font sizes. Prevent this by downloading a plugin.






12 responses to “Better Page & Post Formatting In WordPress”

  1. Elke Geerlings-van Uden Avatar

    Dear Tyler, your video's are a great help! 🙂 Unfortunately this ckeditor plugin isn't working on wordpress 4.3. When the plugin is activated the visual editor doesn't appear on the page.. Do you know a good alternative?

  2. viajes y descanso Avatar

    Hello tyler let me tell you that your videos are the best I've seen on the net I have learned a lot from your videos but I wonder if you can make a video of how to create a landing page. thak u

  3. Menashe Walsh Avatar

    Installing the CKEDITOR has made the black studio MCE used in my widgets to display only HTML, the visual function of black studio MCE now no longer works. Any suggestions?

  4. Tyler Moore Avatar

    ur welcome peter!

  5. Navin Mukhi Avatar

    thank you for the nice tutorial

  6. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thanks!! Glad it helped!

  7. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thanks! I appreciate it!

  8. Tyler Moore Avatar

    @hoch3team Glad it helped!!!

    Thank you!

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