Biology Lecture – 15 – The Cell

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17 responses to “Biology Lecture – 15 – The Cell”

  1. Towni Eyan Avatar

    One quick correction here: Cytosol is the fluid inside the cell.
    Cytoplasm is basically all the stuff in the cell excluding the nucleus.
    So the fluid, called cytosol, is part of the cytoplasm but not the cytoplasm itself.

  2. Annie Marquette Avatar

    Do you have a video about protons, neutrons and electrons? These videos have really helped me! Thank you!!

  3. Audi Thief Avatar

    Eukaryotic has mitochondria while prokaryotic don't.

  4. Anna M Marcinek Avatar

    Great job. very helpful! thank you

  5. Jay Bartgis Avatar

    Taking my knowledge of Java from theNewBoston, and making a multidimensional array table to separate plant organelles from animals.

  6. Jeffery Z Avatar

    Interesting and Helpful. Thank you again.

  7. Katherine Jelich Avatar

    I love your videos 🙂
    but just to note, plasma membranes are only in animal cells and cell membranes are only in plant cells. They have different names even though they are virtually the same thing.

  8. Natali3Mark Avatar

    You are my lifesavier!
    Im studying for the exam right now and thank you so much!

  9. SgtGutta Avatar

    what software are u using?

  10. Void Avatar

    ermm hes probably using some expensive one cos he makes tutorials daily. if you meant graphics tablet then thats what it is.

  11. Gijs Neerhof Avatar

    lol, im not the only dutch kid watching this 🙂

  12. Adil Patel Avatar

    Bucky, thanks a lot. I'm actually studying. You have taken something difficult and made it simple. BTW which software are you using?

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