Biology Lecture – 17 – Transporting Materials Through the Cell Membrane

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14 responses to “Biology Lecture – 17 – Transporting Materials Through the Cell Membrane”

  1. hansol jeong Avatar

    thank you for letting me understand easily!!

  2. Kurdistan Computer Society KCS Avatar

    Dear Bucky… I need to thank you for all the efforts and dedication you have… I used to watch many videos of you for Java C++ and other programming codes, and here now I found videos of you for biology. God bless you and I wish you long healthy live.

  3. Samantha Navarro Avatar

    These videos are perfect for studying and reviewing your work. I have a test coming up and I'm feeling good so far on the material! Thank you!!

  4. TooMuchness Avatar

    Your an amazing teacher! I really can't thank you enough for ur amazing lessons! TheNewBoston for president!

  5. De4sher Avatar

    while those things are fun, i think you should watch out. everybody is doing android apps and games. the job offers won't flow from the sky…. but hey, it's more fun than crappy enterprise proprietary crap.

  6. De4sher Avatar

    yeah well good luck. make sure you do more than he shows you, and check the wiki ad ask on stackoverflow whenever you don't get it.

  7. August Avatar

    If you didn't go to college how do u know all of this!!!!!!!

  8. DJ WildLion Avatar

    lmao and u will be the follower alwaysest never a leader

  9. Chris Ben Avatar

    one thing: if you write CO2 you must also write =2 because it is everytime a molecule if its stands alone, but its a good video thx!

  10. De4sher Avatar

    oh and another thing, i started learning java from you, and now i've got a job. working as a programmer for over a year… so thx a lot dude!

  11. De4sher Avatar

    1: FIRSTest!
    2: man, you'll make the perfectest granpa in the wholest world.. srslyest.

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