Biology Lecture – 41 – More on the Electron Transport Chain

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8 responses to “Biology Lecture – 41 – More on the Electron Transport Chain”

  1. Tim Potts Avatar

    What about complex 2, how does fadh2 play into this?

  2. ESRAA .W Avatar

    great great really great
    thank you sooooo much
    although my language is not eng but i really understood the whole thing 🙂
    thank u again

  3. DJ WildLion Avatar

    cuz honestly he is not good enough with biology. he should get back doing the computer tutorials bette

  4. Ľuboš Rybanský Avatar

    lol 😀 I watched ep1 and now I got e-mail notification that you uploaded this… and I have to say… It escallated so frikkin quickly 😀

  5. Haiko8 Avatar

    6 views? wow its the first time that a video doesn't have 301 views !

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