Blender Tutorial 11 : 3D Printers & Vector Art

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In this tutorial I will provide you with all the knowledge and artwork to 3D print Settlers of Catan on a 3D printer!!! I will cover how to print out 3D Blender models on a 3D printer. I’ll also cover how to import vector art from programs like Illustrator and Inkscape into Blender.






7 responses to “Blender Tutorial 11 : 3D Printers & Vector Art”

  1. Girish kumar Avatar

    Ur genius.. how you learn new technologies.. tell me how and where to start..

  2. Saboor Hamedi Avatar

    Hello Derek, hope you fine, could you please make some advance swing applications, or if you could add this one also on your next next schedule, like some online applications, I would really appreciate you Derek.
    Thank you in advance.

  3. Creepypasta Avatar

    Derek please shout me out please am really needing the subs I'm going to start c# tutoriala

  4. mrquicky Avatar

    I was REALLY hoping you would be demonstrating the blender gcode plug in!!! Still a great video as always Derek. You're still the best software tutorial channel on youtube!! GOAT!!

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