Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners – 1 – Introduction

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43 responses to “Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners – 1 – Introduction”

  1. Linco Laine Avatar

    follow your heart haha.. thank you so much for this tutorial 🙂

  2. Daisa Mangking Avatar

    Hi. What platform is he using? Is it Visual Studio?

  3. walid shafey Avatar

    the editor he is using is " IntelliJ IDEA " by jetbrains URW

  4. Daniel Phil Avatar

    when i use CDN do i need internet connection?

  5. TrollkimNoah Avatar

    why does my text align to the left side of the page while his is indented?

  6. KTManiac Tv Avatar

    using the CND link. i think its gonna make your website slower

  7. DLiberator78 Avatar

    Another excellent tutorial, thank you so much. You are an excellent teacher.

  8. Ace King Media Avatar

    Please make a vid on CDNs. LOL! Thanks for the tut!

  9. Due Nguyen Avatar

    Light bulb gets on my nerves.

  10. Rishabh Handay Avatar

    which text editor you are using?

  11. Jazerjun Buenafe Avatar

    What app are you using for coding? thanks.

  12. Arpit Patel Avatar

    love ur voice when the video's on 2x xD

  13. Mica B Avatar

    insane, more than 1000 videos and not one explain how to actually make bootstrap running. Thanks for that ideo!

  14. Younes PhD Henni Avatar

    his django tutorial brought me here

  15. oladapo osunkeye Avatar

    yo nigga, how many languages are you tutoring online? no social life for sure… Thanks for the video…

  16. Zachary Brackett Avatar

    If anyone's looking for the Twitter Bootstrap in their Community edition of Intellij, it's not there. HTML tools is for Ultimate edition only.

  17. Lue Yang Avatar

    Bucky – Awesome tutorial and Thanks!

  18. Gursimran Kochar Avatar

    whats the difference between your template and the default one in intellij idea……also in the default one there was no html file….had to create a new one thats what i was supposed to do right???… i am still learning and have never used an ide for html/bootstrap(ps never used bootstrap before) so sorry if my question is stupid

  19. Patrick Roden Avatar

    " is a Content Delivery Network" …….." by the way, I don't know why they call it a CDN"…lol 🙂 but still a great tutorial.

  20. Mikael Holmberg Avatar

    Thumbs up for the rant at 3:13. Well said

  21. gideon bamuleseyo Avatar

    Which IDE is this? Looks like android studio but its not!!

  22. Dhirender Mamgain Avatar

    Hello … May i know which software you are using in this video ?
    May i use Boot strap in Dreamveawer ?
    Please reply me , Im Beginner for Bootstrap..

  23. vatsala shrivastava Avatar

    How twitter bootstrap is added when creating a new project???

  24. Todd Mcfarlin Avatar

    A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver webpages and other Web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and a content delivery server. … CDNs also provide protection from large surges in traffic.

  25. Gurdeep Singh Avatar

    which softare you used for bootstrap tutorials,bucky?

  26. ankita naik Avatar

    he sounds me like jamie Oliver teaching technical stuffs..

  27. MrDonald911 Avatar

    lol that first comment about the girl and the guy not paying attention to her made me laugh 😀

  28. Sinan Çetinkaya Avatar

    "Bootstrap" is the nickname of Will Turner from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" 🙂

  29. ibrahim chorana Avatar

    hi bucky
    what editor you are working with

  30. Luke Ayres Avatar

    I haven't watched a video of yours yet where I haven't learnt something useful.

  31. BraveToTheBone Avatar

    Nice video man ! 🙂 gg hf

  32. Matthew Speiser Avatar

    If you are linking a css stylesheet, you would also need to include that in the head tag section? I don't see it in your template. Great videos by the way.

  33. Fun & Training Avatar

    Thanks sir Mr. Bucky the winter solder.

  34. yerrapotu kiran Avatar

    Pre requisites to learn bootstrap ???

  35. jay-co Leosala Avatar

    Where do you type those codes? that black background. what is that 🙂

  36. Beckham Avatar

    Is your last name Barnes?

  37. Philip Wood Avatar

    Love all your tutorials Bucky…was so stoked to see you did a series on Bootstrap! Keep up the good work!

  38. Fawzia Begum Avatar

    Hi, I see that you're using Intellij. Can I use anything else? Thanks

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