Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners – 3 – Text Styles

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33 responses to “Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners – 3 – Text Styles”

  1. Zero 2 Advance Avatar

    Thinks for great tutorial series . I am inspire seeing you . You are like a teacher to me .

  2. Maryna ZH Avatar

    Thank you for your time!
    I have a question. How can we move blockquote element to the right? I tried <blockquote class="text-right"> but it only works with text but not with vertical line. The line stays in the same place and does not move with text.

  3. Dan Weiss Avatar

    This is super helpful. Thank you for taking the time to publish these videos Bucky

  4. cidetto Avatar

    is it just me or does it take a long time to refresh the pages??

  5. Casey Van Dyke Avatar

    Im coming here so I dont have to use Wix so SHUT UP WIX!!

  6. Ahmed Majdi Avatar

    what is these tags guys ?!
    this is the first time for me seeing them,,
    can anyone explain please?!

  7. Mark Alexa Avatar

    "Sometimes I wet my bed on purpose" only Bucky can come up with something like that LMAO !

  8. fast tech guru Avatar

    which software are you using to design this

  9. FL_Stormrider Avatar

    Is there a shortcut to create the ending tag while staying inside the tags, or one bring you back into the tag after finishing the ending tag? Maybe this sounds lazy, but it would be faster.

  10. Arda Tekoğlu Avatar

    "go back inside" i laughed to cry

  11. The Duke Avatar

    Bucky, it's no shame to be a bed-wetter, I myself, went to a "Premature Ejaculators" conference, but everybody left early.

  12. Dravon Thatcher Avatar

    Holy shit dude, you sound like micky from shameless

  13. harken Avatar

    nice theres built in bbc codes that forums used to use 😀

  14. Scott Caudle Avatar

    I cant find the source file on github. Anyone know where it is?

  15. Its-me92 Avatar

    I have some questions. In documentation of HTML5 they recommend not to use <div> but elements such as <section> <navbar> and so on. In this video I can see you use <footer> for blockquotes. How to combine this? I mean, if I want to use for example WordPress I need to use <footer> as a section on the down of my page. How to use wordpress and Bootstrap together?

  16. Bel Chávez Avatar

    Very helpful! Thanks

  17. Morne Erasmus Avatar

    Follow your heart!!

  18. Shortcut Romeo Avatar

    How To LInk Bootstrap With Downloaded Zip Folder Files On My Computer ?

  19. D Bryant Avatar

    Is the free or paid version of IntelliJ?

  20. Hein de Wilde Avatar

    Is there a way you can use syntax highlighting with the pre tags?

  21. Anshu Ojashvi Chauhan Avatar

    Hey Bucky, I'm using bootstrap and am also copying those files/text that are required, you know the ones provided in their website in the start. Also, have downloaded bootstrap and have copied the css, js, fonts packages in my project BUT, the page that I design, it does not look the way it should. I have used their example pages and their source code but my page looks just different and not like the ones that they have designed. Could you or anyone else please help or suggest something.

  22. Abh19021 Avatar

    What happened to your "pretty cool huh"? and why didnt you explain grid system completely about the offset and all that?

  23. zx1701 Avatar

    Why would anyone give two thumbs down?! It was such a helpful video.The author went through all the details with video and explanation. Great job!

  24. Arnas Puidokas Avatar

    <p>Thanks u thenewboston!!!</p>

  25. eaglei22 Avatar

    Is there a good cheat sheet somewhere for all these classes, just starting with bootstrap?

  26. Kreshnik Kaca Avatar

    this looks cool tho !!
    <p>This is keyboard input <kbd>Ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>Alt</kbd> + <kbd>Del</kbd>

  27. MUN WebTeam Avatar

    I think they intended it to work this way:
    <p>This is supposed to be keyboard input <kbd>Ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>Alt</kbd>+<kbd>Del</kbd>.</p>

  28. Nelson Rosell Avatar

    Hey buckey what sort of IDE you are using? that's cool

  29. Prince Dangilan Avatar

    That shitft + tab bit is really helpful, I actually didnt knew that lol

  30. akhil dev Avatar

    How come for me this code returns everything in seperate rows.
    <div class="row">
    <div class="col-md-4" style="background-color: #FF9999">Left</div>
    <div class="col-md-4" style="background-color: #99CCFF">Middle</div>
    <div class="col-md-4" style="background-color: #00CC99">Right</div>

    also container and container-fluid returns the full screen width. is this a browser issue ?

  31. gatorkea Avatar

    How come in the bootstrap.css file it shows two declarations for mark? Trying to understand what is going on here
    1. mark {
    color: #000;
    background: #ff0;

    2. mark,
    .mark {
    padding: .2em;
    background-color: #fcf8e3;

  32. Joy Sengupta Avatar

    so what you are showing seems to be html tags and how they work…how do they relate to the bootstrap framework for web development?

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