Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners – 4 – Tables

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25 responses to “Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners – 4 – Tables”

  1. blackhawks 88 Avatar

    how do yoy get rid of margin when you put table into a container

  2. Matthew Kim Avatar

    oh no not *** mcgurd

  3. Jonathan Wilbur Avatar

    Turd McGurd. That is all.

  4. erusha karki Avatar

    hello @thenewboston i just started to watch your videos on bootstrap tutorial which are simple to understand and better.. can you make one for carousal …thanks

  5. numero 1 Avatar

    why he used <h2> instead <h4> like in the others tutorials??

  6. MikaëlF Avatar

    I've been having issues too with Webstorm's code completion in HTML, not their best feature.

  7. amit kumar Maurya Avatar

    great tutorial but cant see the text content in mobile because text size is so small

  8. czaros45 Avatar

    Great tutorial!
    PS There is a nice shortcut for copying a line in phpstorm- Ctrl+d

  9. Malick Cisse Avatar

    I thought it is a bad idea to use tables for layout and it is heavily discouraged?

  10. Artur Lan Avatar

    if you want to autocomplete tags, type a tag name without angle braces and hit Tab!Try it, it might work

  11. Jean-Luc Picard Avatar

    my reason for not using an IDE.
    Notepad (1) all the way!

  12. FireVulpez Avatar

    These are great, going at a good pace and it all flows nicely, thanks!

  13. Kasalwe Bwalya Avatar

    hey guys just to add on, there's a huge difference between "<table class="table">" and "<table class="Table">" in this example we use the second piece of code of you use the first one you'll have an ugly looking web page

  14. Kasalwe Bwalya Avatar

    why didn't you put the bootstrap scripts in the body to allow faster loading?

  15. Robson Sousa Avatar

    Thank you Bucky! I'm learning too much with you… again! Cya!

  16. A. J. Lizarazu Avatar

    go back to notepad++ for bootstrap/html5 tutorials

  17. Vegard Stuen Avatar

    Btw, Intellij IDEA (and other IDE's from Jetbrains I assume) has built-in emmet support. Meaning that you can type "td" and then press TAB to create a set of matching "td"-tags. The entire structure for the first table Bucky created can be generated with "table.table>thead>tr>th*3^^tbody>(tr>td*3)*3" and then TAB. Just had to mention this when seeing Bucky's difficulties ;P

  18. Kd_M Avatar

    Your tutorials are brilliant. I save every tutorial as an html file under a "bootstrap tutorial folder" and use it as notes to refer back too and each file is named after the tutorial video Example: Tables.html. This has been a great strategy for me.

  19. CraZayTube Avatar

    ur lettin it get the best of u bruh…hey check ur fb. i asked u somethin about ur website

  20. Supergirl Avatar

    love your tutorials. i'm learning a lot and having fun at the same time. 🙂

  21. chelly-chan Avatar

    Thank you so much bucky <3

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