Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners – 9 – Wells and Alert Boxes

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50 responses to “Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners – 9 – Wells and Alert Boxes”

  1. chaitanya dokara Avatar

    can i get raw code of this?

  2. KE50 Avatar

    Why is the alert not closing,

    <div class="container">
    <div class="alert alert-info alert-dismissible" role="alert">
    <span class="close" data-dissmiss="alert">&times;</span>Record Saved!

  3. Dylan Davenport Avatar

    Grey (with the e) is the British way to spell I've been told

  4. Puspender Tanwar Avatar

    alert box is not closing after pressing the close button. My code is :

    <div class="alert alert-info">
    <a href="#" class="close" data-dismiss="alert" aria-label="close">&times;
    </a>Congrats, login successfully

  5. _pyrex Avatar

    Well there is 50 shades of grey….

  6. Thommy Karlsen Avatar

    Watching all of these and I have to compliment you on how easy your tutorials are to watch and digest the information. Keep up the good work, best tutorials I've seen in a while. No fuzz and just on point

  7. copenju cope Avatar

    hi thenewboston which text editor are you using

  8. Aurelius Avatar

    Go with the american grAy

  9. Itbankrock Avatar

    Sasha GREY madafakas

  10. sportacus509 Avatar

    American = gray
    british = grey

  11. Thomas Williams Avatar

    All I am going to say is GREY

  12. TechErudio Avatar

    I'm American, but I spell it "grey".

  13. Aditi Parakh Avatar

    "Grey" works fine for me…. 馃檪

  14. Andrew Young Avatar

    grEy is Englands spelling of the word. grAy is America's spelling of the word.

  15. Sam Mezzi Avatar

    I love you dude 馃檪

  16. Alex Avatar

    "Grey", is the Queen's English spelling whereas, "gray", is the incorrect and dumbed-down American spelling.

  17. PrimeCycles Avatar

    Anyone having problems with the alert boxes not closing? Also the previous dropdown tutorial wasn't working for me either and the code is exactly the same

  18. Brigitte Beal Avatar

    I think gray and grey is dependent on the location (America vs. the UK). Pretty sure "gray" is American common usage, and "grey" is European common usage.

  19. Rei Alexander Udaundo Avatar

    nice one buddy! you solved all my problems! 馃檪

  20. Yongle Lyu Avatar

    hey, what plugin do you use to fold code, it looks pretty cool!!!

  21. Mavi the Wanderess Avatar

    Thanks Bucky s lot.
    P.S. your voice sounds very good.

  22. Call me Cloud Avatar

    bucky plz just use ctrl+D , instead of ctrl+C ctrl+V @蠅@

  23. Chris Padilla Avatar

    Why is Internet Explorer so bad… Thanks Bucky.

  24. Yadunandan Pillai Avatar

    grey is spelled with an e in America but an a in Britain. That's what I think

  25. TheRoxas13th Avatar

    My question is, why we need to use the <a> element to contained the "x"?

  26. cory may Avatar

    It's "gray" in America ("A" for America)
    It's "grey" in Great Britain ("E" for Europe)

  27. Jeath Tunes Avatar

    FINALLY no welcoming horses!!!

  28. Simon Something Avatar

    Great tutorials, fast paced and well explained. Many tutorials I can only assume the uploader is trying to teach a bunch of retarded worms

  29. Klemen Lon膷ar Avatar

    Great video man 馃檪

  30. Connor Avatar

    GrEy for England
    GrAy for America

  31. sahil verma Avatar

    bootstrap.min.js file is not working. i have used the hyperlink as told. but there is no functionality
    can somebody help me??

  32. sgriso Avatar

    whoa.. fade out are actually called fade in on bootstrap..

  33. Shadow Avatar

    How does this guy almost have 1 million subscribers just from tutorials?

  34. Edward Ojo Avatar

    How do you partition a MacBook with Windows 8?

  35. Stuart Scott Avatar

    Huh, was that the last one? Oh nooooooo!

  36. Michael Akanji Avatar

    Please Bucky.. i want to start to record some tutorials for youtube as well… can you give me few step guides? thanks in advance

  37. Dylan de St Pern Avatar

    Hey Bucky! I am trying to create an account on your website and whenever I try to register it fails and says – "Unknown column 'ip_addr' in 'field list'". Please help me! Thanks

  38. Lison .Rousseaux Avatar

    Hi ! First of all, thank you for your tutorial, it helps me a lot. But at my work, I need to use the "handsontable" and you didn't talk about it. I can insert it in my web page, but I want to get the data from the cells and insert them in my database. I found the method "getDataAtCell" but I can't get though.
    I hope you'll can help me. Thx !

  39. Izaias Ara煤jo Avatar

    Thank you so much! Don't stop making videos, you help a lot!

  40. Chris col贸n Avatar

    When are more videos coming out?

  41. Kenneth Israel Avatar

    more vids bucky!
    thanks for this btw!

  42. John Allan Avatar

    This makes my classes so much easier. I really hope there's more of these tutorials

  43. Protonic Avatar

    I don't know how the forum works in the link you provided, so here are my issues:
    1. tut7 – the dropdown menu does not work, dropdown menu does not expand
    2. tut8 – the menu shrinks to a hamburger, but the hamburger won't let anything out
    3. tut9 – The wells do not close from the times button, nor the danger, not the info one.

    I can download all three files in the header, even downloaded and placed in the same folder, no difference.
    Am I missing something?

  44. ihniwtpu Avatar

    Google translate says grey 馃榾

  45. Vladimir Putin Avatar

    Nah this isn't Bucky, the real Bucky wouldn't care about the spelling. Who are you and what have you done with Sir Bucky Wallace?!

  46. Calluna Avatar

    Gray is more common in the USA grey in the UK and other english speaking places

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